Oh Gosh. My Body is Unwell

I had an awful day yesterday. I thought I was going to fall sick because my body hated what I was doing to it and diabetes which run in my family or something worse would finally come upon me. My body and I were entirely out of sorts. I felt something is very amiss.

I went back to qi gong, specifically zhan zhuang qi gong i.e. standing like a tree qi gong, which I had ceased doing when I started yoga religiously. I meditated as well. And did the eight brocades qi gong. I did some yin yoga and a shoulder stand. I felt much much better.

That was last night. I might still be on the road to sickness though. This entire morning, I felt light-headed or something, not unlike a dizzy spell but not being dizzy. I did more qi gong, tai chi and a do-in self massage. I’m going to try some jin shin jyutsu, from a book that I bought and is collecting dust on my bookshelf.

Maybe it’s just time to see a doctor and be diagnosed with something bad. But let me try all of the above before I be put on pills.

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