Fish Hooks All over my Back

See this post about a boat’s anchor stuck in my back. That was last week. This week, I ‘cleansed’ myself using the ‘white light’ technique again. Basically, I visualised sunlight flooding every pore of my body to cleanse myself of negative contacts, contracts and energy. This time, I was in a rude shock. I saw loads, tons of small fish hooks embedded in my back.

On reflection, I have been going through an extremely painful time at work. There is this individual at work who’s a nitpicker and nitpicks on every single thing of my work or rather the work I’m helping my team with. The fish hooks actually were very descriptive of the stress and pain at work – I certainly won’t die instantly from fish hooks. It will be a slow torture.

I enlisted the help of Archangel Michael again – read this post. I must say I have using these cleansing techniques for years and never have I ‘seen’ an anchor and fish hooks ever. God bless me.

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