Keep My Feet Covered

I did an astrological reading for an intuitive very recently. I was bare feet as I was at home. During the session, I had a distinct thought to wear socks or shoes so as to keep my feet covered. I felt that I was exposed. I ignored that thought and continued with the session until it ended.

Voila. My lower back started to hurt like crazy after the session ended. I don’t know whether it’s a symptom of Covid-19 as I had not seen that client for years and we didn’t wear a face mask during the session. Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres had severe back pain when she had Covid. Or it could be a message from gods that I should not go back into astrology readings. Or it can just be something plain and simple – my body failed me due to age, etc and it’s pure coincidence that the back pain started at the same time the session ended.

My take on the whole thing is:

  • always always wear a face mask. It’s better to be safe than to appear rude, even if you are vaccinated
  • during any intuitive, healing or spiritual session, ground or protect yourself by wearing footwear

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