Should I Focus on the Guitar or Violin?

I think I’m an okay pianist (I teach piano). I have been itching to focus or specialise in another instrument. It’s either the guitar or the violin – Irish fiddle to be more specific.

I tried to learn the guitar at least twice in the past. I remember buying two guitars, didn’t touch them and then sell them away. Maybe I will be third time lucky. As for the Irish fiddle, I attended three terms of group classes in the past and learnt on my own after that. I can play quite a few beginner to early intermediate fiddle pieces and perform them somewhat confidently.

So, I asked the tarot cards which instrument should I dedicate my remaining life to learn and master:

  • guitar: 6 of swords
  • fiddle: page of wands

The imagery of 6 of swords isn’t very exciting. It’s grey, it’s cold, it’s logical. Yes, logically, guitar would make a better choice. There’s more students who wants to learn the guitar, it’s cool and I think it’s a very cool instrument, I can use it to learn song writing, etc. Come to think of it, the theme of the card does suit why I would learn the guitar well – it’s a logical decision.

The fiddle is represented by the page of wands. Oh, what a sense of fun and adventure! I hardly use the word fun (as I don’t see myself as a fun person) so when I use the word fun, I do mean it. I can see myself having fun with the fiddle, playing with other trad musicians in pubs, events and learning the pieces by ear, which is a key goal of mine. Of course I can learn guitar by ear too. But it’s more intuitive to do so for me on the fiddle.

So, the fiddle it shall be for me!

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