Mars on South Node – Transit

I was so drained on Friday evening and most of Saturday until I went to bed. I was thinking whether that’s to do with the second consultation that I did on Friday evening. It just struck me yesterday evening that transiting Mars conjuncts my natal South Node at 7am on Saturday. South Node decreases while Mars represents energy and strength. Of course I was feeling … Continue reading Mars on South Node – Transit

Use Feng Shui for more Luck!

I believe Eva Wong’s A Master Course in Feng-Shui uses the flying star method amongst others. Here’s a summary of the steps to feng-shui your house/apartment: Live in a place that’s externally feng-shui desirable. For most of you, you don’t get to choose the place. So, skip this step. If the place that you live is not externally auspicious, you can install counter measures. Set … Continue reading Use Feng Shui for more Luck!

Facing the Right Direction for Love and Success

I came across the kua number concept many years ago. From my limited understanding, depending on the lunar year that you are born in and your gender, you are assigned a number based on calculations. For each number, there are a set of directions which are supposedly lucky and unlucky for you. You are encouraged to face these directions as much as possible. There’s a … Continue reading Facing the Right Direction for Love and Success

Saturn in Retrograde in 1st

I have consistently found that when Saturn in retrograde conjuncts the ASC tightly in a horary or consultation chart, the client will be unhappy with the consultation or reading. This guideline is stated in William Lilly’s Christian Astrology. Truth be told, I didn’t follow the guideline in my first few years of practice. When I learnt of the rule, I revisited the few consultations which … Continue reading Saturn in Retrograde in 1st