Square Aspects

Yes, the square aspect in charts can indicate tension and challenges but really, they also offers you the potential for action to do something about those tension and to overcome those challenges that you can achieve and manifest. After all, the square is formed by dividing a circle into four. The number 4 is the number of matter – think of the four elements – … Continue reading Square Aspects

Chart Ruler in 5th – Transit

Based on the Placidus house system, Mary engaged in private pleasure on her own when her chart ruler, Mercury, conjunct the 5th cusp. Interestingly, she’s a musician and began intensive practice on her instrument a few days ago as well – this does support the validity of the solar house system. Interestingly, on the day when transiting Mercury conjunct her natal 5th house, she wrote … Continue reading Chart Ruler in 5th – Transit

Sun Conjunct Vertex – Transit

I recently started to work more consciously with Vertex. When transiting Sun conjunct Dorothy’s natal Vertex, I initially thought that a somewhat “fated” person entered her life, maybe a man as that’s symbolic of the Sun. Then I read Brady’s definition of the Vertex. It is to encounter a person, subject or an event that will be of interest. See, it’s not just restricted to … Continue reading Sun Conjunct Vertex – Transit