Where is Micheal Martin? Is He in Hiding?

Micheal Martin is the Taoisearch aka prime minister of Ireland. I haven’t heard much from him in the news. It’s almost as if he appears on the telly or news only when he absolutely needs to do so. Otherwise, silencio, nada. His precedessor Leo Varadkar was certainly more verbal albeit very strategic about what he says and when he says it. Micheal Martin though is … Continue reading Where is Micheal Martin? Is He in Hiding?

Squares in Transits

This post applies to other forecasting techniques e.g. progressions, directions as well, I think. I used to wonder in the past why certain astrological authors wrote that cupid’s arrow strikes for a single when there’s a trine or sextile or conjunction to the Descendant or the 7th ruler, especially when Jupiter’s transiting. I wondered why can’t a square or opposition from a transiting planet to … Continue reading Squares in Transits

Grand Trine in Air

Air represents ideas, concepts, communication, the mind, a medium for connections between different entities. Unless there are contradictory factors, when there’s a grand trine in air, ideas and words flow easily for the person. They are comfortable with their intellectual ability. They enjoy mental stimulation and discussions. They enjoy learning. They are likely to do well in social situations. They will seem very natural to the person. So natural that they might take it for granted, not capitalize on it and do nothing with it. Air belongs to the realm of the mind. Unless there’s earth and fire to bring the ideas into reality, into a tangible form. Or there’s hard aspects involved with Mercury or something about the 3rd or the 9th house.  Continue reading “Grand Trine in Air”

The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili

I watched the movie “The Danish Girl” (2005) just now. It’s a difficult movie to watch as my world views are challenged and the movie forced me to think through them. For those who have not heard of the movie, it’s about a male and female artist who were married. The husband named Einar / Lili came out as a transgender woman to the wife named Gerda who supported her throughout her journey and transition to a woman. Continue reading “The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili”

Moon Quincunx Sun

If the Moon and the Sun represents our perception of our mother and father respectively, Moon quincunx Sun might indicate that we perceive our parents as oil and water, or cheese and chalk. They may appear to be different in personality or essence from each other to us. Others including our siblings may think otherwise though as our realities are likely to be different from … Continue reading Moon Quincunx Sun

Blind Spot and Illumination

I read somewhere, I think in Sue Tompkin’s book that conjunctions are like blind spots to a person. He/she most probably wouldn’t be conscious of the conjunction. It’s like 2 persons standing side by side, staring ahead  in the same direction. There is a limit to the peripherical vision of a person. Therefore, each person in the pair can’t see each other clearly. Hence, conjunctions … Continue reading Blind Spot and Illumination