Mars Conjunct South Node – Natal

South Node – this represents many things. Let’s start with familiarity. There’s familiarity with anger, acting on your desires, sexual urge, fighting, asserting yourself, competing with others. Equally, there’s courage, resourcefulness and the survival instinct. Continue reading “Mars Conjunct South Node – Natal”


Low Emphasis on Earth Element

One way to approach and think of the manifestation of a low emphasis on the earth element  is to think of the “earth houses” – some astrologers don’t believe in classifying the houses into the various elements. The earth houses are 2nd, 6th and 10th. Approaching our interpretation based on these houses is a great way to draw out the archetypal energies. Continue reading “Low Emphasis on Earth Element”

Mercury Conjunct Uranus – Natal

Here are some interpretations: Independent and original thoughts. Creative thinking. Contrary thinking. Non-mainstream thinking. Unexpected and sudden communication and thoughts. Like a lighting bolt or flash. Speedy and cut-to-the-chase communication and thoughts. Honest communications Quick learning. Rebellion in schools. Urge to understand and form connections quickly If Mercury is a natural significator for young person in an older person’s life, perhaps, there’s rebellious children or children … Continue reading Mercury Conjunct Uranus – Natal

Minor Grand Trine in Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn

Joujou has a minor grand trine. Chiron in Aquarius trines Jupiter in Libra which both sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. Some interpretations include: Growth through one’s different-ness in the community and society can be actively realized through a focus on consciousness expanding experiences. The natural skill involving wisdom in relationships and group healing can be funneled through thought leadership in his visions and the meaning of … Continue reading Minor Grand Trine in Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn

T-Squares in Mars, Jupiter and Sun

Applebumble has a T-Square. His Mars opposes Jupiter, both planets form a square to the Sun in Cancer which is the focal planet. Here’s some possibilities of the interpretation: Mars is in Aries while Jupiter is in Libra. There is a conflict between fighting for what one desires and one’s beliefs about cooperation and harmony. This conflict could potentially be resolved by being honest and … Continue reading T-Squares in Mars, Jupiter and Sun

Grand Trine in Air

Air represents ideas, concepts, communication, the mind, a medium for connections between different entities. Unless there are contradictory factors, when there’s a grand trine in air, ideas and words flow easily for the person. They are comfortable with their intellectual ability. They enjoy mental stimulation and discussions. They enjoy learning. They are likely to do well in social situations. They will seem very natural to the person. So natural that they might take it for granted, not capitalize on it and do nothing with it. Air belongs to the realm of the mind. Unless there’s earth and fire to bring the ideas into reality, into a tangible form. Or there’s hard aspects involved with Mercury or something about the 3rd or the 9th house.  Continue reading “Grand Trine in Air”