I was Feeling Frustrated and Annoyed this Week

It’s Saturday night now. I distinctly remembered that I was super frustrated, annoyed and impatient at work mid-week this week. Well, that’s not uncommon especially when there are annoying people triggering such reactions. However, I was self-aware to know that those feelings were generated internally within me. My initial thought was that transiting Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in the sign of Libra this … Continue reading I was Feeling Frustrated and Annoyed this Week

I Feel Lost

I woke up at 5am. After wasting time on scrolling through Facebook posts mindlessly, I thought I could do with some insight. I pressed on the I Ching app on my phone and formulated my feelings – I feel lost. What should I do? (for readers with astrology knowledge, I’m currently going through a Neptune square Neptune transit, Pluto square Sun transit, etc). The message … Continue reading I Feel Lost