Colleague’s Dad Died

I think it was in August 2020. I was having a wee chat with my colleague when she asked me to tell her anything about her using astrology. She was born in the same year, same day but she’s one month younger than me. I know I’m having a Pluto opposition Sun transit from 2021 to 2022. That would mean that she is going through … Continue reading Colleague’s Dad Died

I was Feeling Frustrated and Annoyed this Week

It’s Saturday night now. I distinctly remembered that I was super frustrated, annoyed and impatient at work mid-week this week. Well, that’s not uncommon especially when there are annoying people triggering such reactions. However, I was self-aware to know that those feelings were generated internally within me. My initial thought was that transiting Sun, Mars and Mercury are all in the sign of Libra this … Continue reading I was Feeling Frustrated and Annoyed this Week

I Feel Lost

I woke up at 5am. After wasting time on scrolling through Facebook posts mindlessly, I thought I could do with some insight. I pressed on the I Ching app on my phone and formulated my feelings – I feel lost. What should I do? (for readers with astrology knowledge, I’m currently going through a Neptune square Neptune transit, Pluto square Sun transit, etc). The message … Continue reading I Feel Lost