Mercury-Mars Aspect

Among other meanings, Mercury represent learning, Mars, action. When you pair these two together, a possibility is learning by doing. So, a person with this aspect may enhance learning by writing or typing thing, which is a form of action or motion involving the hands, at the very least.  


Low Emphasis on Water

Whenever there is a low emphasis on an element in a natal chart, it is possible that such person may overcompensate by engaging in "watery" activities even though it's not the most comfortable to them. If you understand the MBTI framework, it's like utilising your inferior function full time. Watery activities may involve activities involving … Continue reading Low Emphasis on Water

Musing About Capricorns

I have realized over time that persons with a high emphasis on the Capricorn sign or a strongly featured Saturn are rather responsible people. They try to do what is right by their perceived expectations of their partner, family, friends, work colleagues, bosses, community and society. So much so that often times, they might forget … Continue reading Musing About Capricorns

Moon in Capricorn

A creative exploration of astrological symbols can be really helpful. Who would have thought that a Moon in Capricorn conjunct MC may refer to a career in geriatrics or work in a nursing home? I wouldn't, until a client pointed out such an interest. There's plenty of possibilities when it comes to unveiling astrological symbols. … Continue reading Moon in Capricorn

Blind Spot and Illumination

I read somewhere, I think in Sue Tompkin's book that conjunctions are like blind spots to a person. He/she most probably wouldn't be conscious of the conjunction. It's like 2 persons standing side by side, staring ahead  in the same direction. There is a limit to the peripherical vision of a person. Therefore, each person … Continue reading Blind Spot and Illumination

Why We Enjoy Some Books More Than Others

I was reading Melanie Reinhart's pinnacle masterpiece "Chiron and the Healing Journey" for the nth time. Again, as in the past few years, almost nothing sunk in. I previously wondered if that's because Chiron is in my 12th house. Hence, the key to Chiron (pun intended) is hidden from me.  Just today, it occurred to … Continue reading Why We Enjoy Some Books More Than Others

Potential for Fame and Acclaim

I'm almost certain that there are rules within traditional astrology that predicts the potential fame of a person. I haven't learnt or come across how to go about doing that using modern astrological concepts. How about I try to see if I can derive a set of considerations to determine the potential fame of someone? … Continue reading Potential for Fame and Acclaim