A Gardening Story / Progressed Moon Phases

I have struggled with my personal interpretation of the progressed moon phases using the analogy of a seed for some time. What follows is a version that I'm finally comfortable with. I think it's important to concentrate on the four main phases - new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. The text of … Continue reading A Gardening Story / Progressed Moon Phases

A New Start / Progressed New Moon

A progressed new moon promises a new start in life. The nature of this new beginning can be deciphered from its sign, the natal house location, and zodiac degree for those who are into Sabian symbols and have an accurate time of birth. Bits of the past, whatever is left of it, might still linger … Continue reading A New Start / Progressed New Moon

The Hero’s Journey / Progressed Sun

Perhaps read this first: Help! I’m morphing into a different person! If you are lost after reading it, then read the following. Ever read the horoscope column in magazine/newspapers/websites/books about a personality description of your zodiac sign? You might have and decided that astrology is hogwash as the description seems firstly so generic and secondly it … Continue reading The Hero’s Journey / Progressed Sun

Our Inner Evolution / Progressions

Changes are constant. The ancient Chinese book "I Ching" is known as the book of changes. It is the nature of most living things to change. A seed contains the potential to change from a seedling to flowering, to bearing fruits before it dies off.  Human beings change too. It seems that there's an internal … Continue reading Our Inner Evolution / Progressions

Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

The last 2 days had been horrendous. I felt horrendous. Those horrible feelings descended on me just like that. Without warning or whatsoever. The astrologer in me reasoned that it has to do with the planets above me. Come to think of it. It seems that we are mere puppets of the universe with little … Continue reading Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

Secondary Progression of Natal Planets in Cancer

Planets in Cancer can operate on an unconscious level. It could be possible that when such progressed planets trigger parts of the natal chart, e.g. change of sign, house, aspect to natal planet/angle, the inner evolution of the planet is unconscious to the person. It may that when the person consciously examine his/her feelings and/or … Continue reading Secondary Progression of Natal Planets in Cancer

Sun in Libra vs Sun in 7th

Sun in Libra and Sun (of any sign) in 7th are both concerned with relationships. Under the alphabet system of astrology, it seems that both are similar and equivalent. But there's a clear difference as most of you would know. A person with Sun in Libra suggest that his/her identity, life purpose, creativity, vitality, heroic journey, … Continue reading Sun in Libra vs Sun in 7th