Yeaks! My Hair is Growing Too Quickly!

If I have a choice, I would go to a barber every 1.5 or even 2 months to have a haircut to save a few bob (money in Irish lingo). Yes, yes, I have tried to cut my own hair which I turned out to be extremely ugly, although I might try that again! Continue reading “Yeaks! My Hair is Growing Too Quickly!”

A Look at Saturn

What is the Principle of Saturn? Saturn limits and restricts. Where Does a Person Experience Saturn? Depending on your perspective, life may exist on various planes. One way of dividing life is into these four planes and the corresponding dimension of a human being: Physical plane – our physical body Astral – our feelings and emotions Mental – our mind Spiritual – our intuition This … Continue reading A Look at Saturn

Money Saving Tip: Visit the Hairdresser/Barber Less Often

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Have you ever notice the time interval between each of your visits to the hairdresser or barber? As a guy, I know there were times when I visited the barber 1.5 month after the previous visit instead of the usual one month. Not placing too much emphasis on my appearances and wanting to save a few bobs, I now time my visits to the barber so that I can max out the 1.5 month between each visit. Continue reading “Money Saving Tip: Visit the Hairdresser/Barber Less Often”

Change Your Physical Appearance By Relocating

I have a conjecture that you can change your physical apperance or at least change people’s perception of your appearance for better or worse when you move to a new city/country. Here’s a case study: Senorita Amorita’s natal ascendant is Virgo and her chart ruler is Mercury in Sagittarius. So we expect her to look youngish, of mid-height and slim. Let’s qualify those characteristics by considering: … Continue reading Change Your Physical Appearance By Relocating