Getting Published for the First Time for Writers

Writers, listen up! How has your publishing journey been? If it has been tough, why not use astrology to glean some insights on the source(s) of hindrance from publication? You will need basic astrological knowledge for the rest of this piece. Continue reading “Getting Published for the First Time for Writers”

Pursuing a Dream and Quitting Your Job

Let’s say your passion is something niche or even obscure, say opera singing. Your birth chart may hold the promise of success in it, say Jupiter conjunct, trine or sextile the MC, or MC ruler or a planet in the 10th house. Continue reading “Pursuing a Dream and Quitting Your Job”

Moon on MC

A client has the Moon on MC. I think of the Moon as having popular appeal to the public. Especially given that her Moon is in Gemini. Most interestingly, her inaugural art exhibition was wildly successful. I imagine this is unusual as how many artists can successfully make a living from painting? But this is my personal bias and perspective kicking in.   Continue reading Moon on MC

Another Look at Solar Returns

I had a client whose Sun is in the 8th house of his solar return. The only aspect made by the Sun is a square to the MC. So, we know that his career/future is subject to some form of transformation or at least deep and penetrative feelings and thoughts. Given that the client’s natal Sun is in the 2nd house, the transformation and/or feelings are probably due to the client’s sense of vitality from his personal resources including money. Continue reading “Another Look at Solar Returns”

Increase Your Chances of Getting Job Interviews

Let’s say you don’t have any contacts to tap on and you are looking for a job by cold-calling. In the technological age, this is likely to mean sending your CV / resume and cover letter in response to a job ad on a company website or job site. I’m sure there are other means to getting a job but I won’t be covering them … Continue reading Increase Your Chances of Getting Job Interviews

Which Career to Choose?

I have been trained in modern (psychological) astrology methods. Of recent times, I have found that it doesn’t quite provide me with the insights that I want. In modern astrology, to determine or to glean some insights on one’s career, you would perhaps look at the house location of the MC ruler. And perhaps consider the planets in the 10th, aspects made to the 10th … Continue reading Which Career to Choose?

Facing the Right Direction for Love and Success

I came across the kua number concept many years ago. From my limited understanding, depending on the lunar year that you are born in and your gender, you are assigned a number based on calculations. For each number, there are a set of directions which are supposedly lucky and unlucky for you. You are encouraged to face these directions as much as possible. There’s a … Continue reading Facing the Right Direction for Love and Success