Will I Have A Child?

A client is 40 years old. She wanted a child but her partner has been letting her down. I looked at her natal chart. There’s no planets in her 5th house. The cusp of the 5th house is in Capricorn. Saturn is in Leo and in the 12th house. 12th house of feeling that she lacks any influence over having a child. Leo is one … Continue reading Will I Have A Child?

The Limitations of Horary Astrology

When I first started learning horary astrology, I was excited. Oh boy. I can use horary to answer every single question in the world! Indeed, it’s a very powerful tool. As you practise horary more and more, you are exposed to even more questions from clients. And you will find that clients ask all kinds of questions. Some, not all, are especially fond of asking … Continue reading The Limitations of Horary Astrology

Now When will I have a Baby?

This is a continuation from yesterday’s chart. The woman has used the Coil as a birth control device. She had it removed and asked Appleby when she would have a baby.

If I was in Appleby’s shoes, I would decline to answer the question out of prudence. When Saturn is in retrograde and in the ASC, seldom anything or nothing good comes out of the matter posed. I could certainly answer the woman which would require tremendous sensitivity.

In any case, the prudent answer would be “It’s too early to tell.” It seems that the woman contacted Appleby almost immediately after her operation, hadn’t had any intercourse with her husband and asked Appleby for the timing of the baby. But it’s interesting to note that she is now “fertile”. [Very early ASC, ASC in Cancer, a water sign] Continue reading “Now When will I have a Baby?”