Saturn in Gemini

I had a client who states that she has always found learning difficult. When someone says that a course or exam is easy, she would never find that to be the case. That’s a manifestation of Saturn in Gemini. What’s interesting is that she works in accounting which certainly fits into Saturn in Gemini.  Continue reading “Saturn in Gemini”

Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?

There is this famed astrologer in the world that I was extremely keen to study with. I wrote to her expressing my tremendous interest in studying with her. I was ecstatic to hear back from her after 1.5 weeks. I then asked her for her payment details so that I can pay her via Paypal, bank transfer, etc. I waited for a week and didn’t hear back from her. Out of curiosity, I did a Google search on her past and existing students. The search revealed that there’s few students/astrologers with references to her name (i.e. 2 names out of about 100 results). Of course, there’s a likelihood that her students are shy of the internet or there’s equally other valid reasons for the lack of search results. Continue reading “Am I Going to Study With This World-Famous Astrologer?”