Predicting Death in a Family

A client told me that her cousin passed away this week. She’s actually relieved at his death as he was unwell for many years. The transit that seems “responsible” for the death is Saturn square Uranus-Jupiter which kicked in from January 2018, climaxes in July-August and ends in November 2018, depending on what orbs you use. What does Saturn rule in Betty’s chart? It rules … Continue reading Predicting Death in a Family

Progressed Full Moon

I mentioned in an earlier post about the seeds that are planted during a progressed new Moon phase that are blossomed during the progressed full Moon phase. This principal hasn’t quite worked for me. It’s on my to-do list to consider. However, I can see it working for some clients of mine. E.g. Hugo has his progressed new Moon in Cancer and in the 8th … Continue reading Progressed Full Moon

Interpretating Charts

A reminder to self. Always take a holistic approach to chart interpretation. For example, Robbie has a Saturn return recently. Saturn conjuncts his MC and is his MC ruler. So, his future goals, public self and profession are in focus. There’s starting and ending involved. Hard work, boundaries and the crystallization of issues relating to his profession. Robbie described events that fit within the earlier description of Saturn return.  Continue reading “Interpretating Charts”

Escape from Sun in 8th Solar Return! Or Maybe Not…

I was looking at my solar return chart for my birthday this year for the nth time. The sun is in the 8th house. Yikes! Sun in 8th doesn’t have a good reputation unless you are used to transformations and the likes of it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily think that it’s going to be a challenging year but it would be nice if life is more triny or sextily, in a good sense.  Continue reading “Escape from Sun in 8th Solar Return! Or Maybe Not…”