Roots – 4th House

The 4th house and/or IC in astrology represents one's roots, among other things. What does one's roots really mean? The first thing that comes to my mind is lineage and ancestry. For a plant's or tree's roots to take root, there must be a suitable soil, unless the plant is cultivated using hydroponics or aeroponics. … Continue reading Roots – 4th House


Returning to Your Roots

I chanced upon this article where an Irish nurse swapped her job to become a cheese maker. The headline of the piece is "Going Back to Her Roots - Swapping Nursing For Cheesemaking".  Suddenly, the astrological 4th house makes perfect sense. It's an eureka moment for me. The typical associations with the 4th house include … Continue reading Returning to Your Roots

Sun in 10th House – Solar Returns

When Sun is the 10th house, it means that your profession, career, vocational direction, future goals, your future, your mother, your boss/authority figures and any other 10th house matters are highlighted during the solar return (SR) year. It doesn't promise a good or great year for your profession for the career-minded folks. In fact, I … Continue reading Sun in 10th House – Solar Returns

My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Life can be filled with regrets. Even if you consciously set out to live a life sans regrets. I felt rather regretful that I have never quite fully known my mother who had left this world. I wished I had spent more time with her, trying to understand and appreciate her as her friends, colleagues, … Continue reading My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Are You Sure that Move is “Good” For You?

People move for all kinds of reasons - a better job, a better lifestyle, changes in lifestyle, for a better life, etc. But does the city that you have set your eyes on necessarily deliver on what it promises you? Surely, I migrated to Sydney Australia for four to five months because Australia has been rated … Continue reading Are You Sure that Move is “Good” For You?

For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another. Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following? being healthy, having a body of your … Continue reading For Late Bloomers

Weird Food

The Moon in your natal chart can represent many things. Some of them are: your feelings, your unconscious self, the source of your emotional security, your mother, your upbringing, your home and food. If we extend the notion of food further, the Moon can represent our tastebuds, our taste for certain food. Actually, those with … Continue reading Weird Food