Not Another Delay Again!

Saturn delays. He makes us wait. With Saturn, it’s like running a marathon rather than a sprint. So, when a person asks about finding someone to form a family and there’s Saturn involved, it’s unlikely that the person finds someone to settle down at a young age. For example, Carter is single and is feeling the urge to have a family. His 4th house ruler conjuncts Saturn. He might feel frustrated or restricted in his attempts (to have a family). Perhaps as a result of those inner tensions, forming a family does happen later in life for him when compared to his peers. Certainly, Saturn conjunct IC ruler could manifest in a variety of other ways. For example, being cautious, realistic or even having a fear about forming a family. Read More »


To Relocate or Not?

[This post is to be updated as it’s written when Mercury is stationing.]

Ms Pavane asked whether it’s a good idea for her family to move to Timbuktu as her partner may have a job offer at a higher position over there.

The 7th house represents the relocated place. North node sits on the 7th. That’s a good sign. 7th house ruler, the Sun, is in its triplicity and angular on the 10th. That’s a strong position to act from.

The 1st house represents staying put. South node is there. Saturn is in Sagittarius, in its face. It’s in the 11th house of hopes and dreams and friends. Something private involving children/pleasure is at a standstill, not progressing. It’s going to retrograde. Progress might be slower.

The Moon separated from an opposition to Venus in a cadent house which is peregrine to angular Sun in its triplicity.

All in all, the move looks good.


move or not relocation horary

My Mum Whom I Have Never Quite Known

Life can be filled with regrets. Even if you consciously set out to live a life sans regrets. I felt rather regretful that I have never quite fully known my mother who had left this world. I wished I had spent more time with her, trying to understand and appreciate her as her friends, colleagues, churchmates and husband had known her. I wish. Sadly, that’s impossible. Or is it?

Through astrology, I like to think that I understand her better as a person. I look at the Moon in my natal chart, which among many other meanings represents my experience of my mother if I had spent more time with her. My Moon is in Aquarius. This suggests the following: she’s more like a friend to me than a mum. She’s terribly open-minded, progressive. She’s like the odd one out in groups that she belongs to. She loves group membership. She’s quirky too. Very individualistic and independent. And rebellious at times. One of a kind. Once she has made up her mind, there’s little that can change it. She has an universal love for people.

That’s some of the information that I glean just from considering the sign of the Moon. I could go on to look at the other planets/Sun that the Moon makes an aspect to. That would very likely flesh out the description of my mother, whom I have never quite known.

For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another.

Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following?

  • being healthy, having a body of your desire
  • profession, career, social standing
  • romantic and business relationships
  • home, family, settling down, parents
  • finances, self-esteem, developing your strengths and talents
  • self-identity, self-expression, having kids, creativity, all things fun
  • friends and social groups, your hopes and dreams
  • communication, thinking, networking
  • education, beliefs, spirituality
  • recovering from an illness, effective daily (work) routine
  • your partner’s finances, emotional intimacy

I don’t know about you. But I feel that my school and university peers are way ahead of me in many of the above areas (FYI- in eight areas). And no, I am not putting myself down or being too hard on myself.

Call it fate, destiny or whatever you want. Wherever the planet Saturn makes a contact in our natal chart is the area of life where progress may be delayed. Look for:

  • the house containing Saturn
  • the houses ruled or co-ruled by Saturn i.e. the house with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp
  • the planets aspected by Saturn and the houses ruled or co-ruled by these planets

The delay could be due to a variety of reasons: fear, insecurity, limits imposed by self, family, society or events that are beyond our control, etc. Usually time is the antidote. That is assuming that with time comes experience, maturity, patience, skill, discipline, hard work, all of which lead to accomplishment. And that is the treasure of Saturn, to be accomplished and masters of something.

I know we didn’t choose this slow and tough life. Actually, we didn’t choose a lot of things too (unless you are from the karma school of thought) – our nationality, gender, the colour of our skin, eyes, sexual orientation, the freak accidents that happen to us, and many other things.

But you know what? We can choose our attitude to it. Hang on my tortortise friend. It gets better with time. It gets better.

About My Mum

In the post Weird Foods, I mentioned that the Moon in our natal chart can represent a medley of things including our mum. My Moon is in Aquarius. Therefore, it’s likely that I experience my mum as open-minded, liberal and considered unconventional in her environment. And that is true based on the way I see it. My mum was a wonderful woman. I say she’s rather progressive and ahead of her times when compared to the general Singapore population. I remembered when I was young, I told her that I might marry an Indian woman. She said, “Sure, no problem.” I am pretty sure that if I was to tell her that I’m gay and am going to marry a man, her answer would also be “Sure, no problem.”

Such is her open-mindedness which I consider a rare trait amongst Singaporeans. She had this interest in the occult and often went to consult this fortune teller in Johor Bahru. She kept telling me about her and eventually I gave in and paid the fortune teller a visit with my mum. I can’t remember the name of the fortune teller but let’s call her Wendy. Wendy said that I have this glow about me and I’m suited to be a spiritual worker just like her too. I jokingly told my mum that I’m going to ditch my career as an accountant and become a fortune teller. She said “Sure, no problem.”

There’s a humanitarian side to Aquarius. I call it a generic love of and for people. Indeed, she’s well-liked by almost everyone, especially the elderly. She has quite a lot of friends. She’s very easy to talk. In her last job, her employer gave her quite a lot of things to bring back with her – mugs, food and beverages, etc. She said that it’s a waste to dump them away and brought the mugs (and food I think) to the less fortunate friend(s) of hers.

I can go on talking about her and how Moon in Aquarius manifest in my experiences of her. But, let’s stop here. What sign is your Moon in and how does that tie in with your experience of your mother?


Weird Food

The Moon in your natal chart can represent many things. Some of them are: your feelings, your unconscious self, the source of your emotional security, your mother, your upbringing, your home and food.

If we extend the notion of food further, the Moon can represent our tastebuds, our taste for certain food. Actually, those with Moon and Venus aspects in their natal chart could indicate a sweet tooth as Venus can signify sweets, desserts and the like.

I want to explore Moon in Aquarius which I’m the proud owner of. I have never thought of my eating habits all these years until this morning when I had a Mexican tortilla wrap for breakfast. Let’s see what I put into the wrap: fried rice from the leftover Chinese, a sausage, onions and egg salad. This may sound perfectly normal to me and you but it’s certainly not to Adrian, who’s a chef. He was very accepting of my breakfast yesterday – a tortilla wrap with butter on it. Come to think of it, those were not the only times he commented on my “unique” sense of culinary combination …

Point is – those with Moon in Aquarius may have *slightly* unconventional tastebuds.