Astrology is Divine

It finally dawned on me that regardless of the label that an astrologer tags himself with i.e. astrologer, counselling astrologer, counsellor (!), spiritual guide, etc, what he does is rather divine. Merriam Webster defines divine as "of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God". And yes, your own version of "God", not necessarily the biblical … Continue reading Astrology is Divine


Any Paying Customers Today?

Don't think so. Saturn which rules the 2nd house of money conjuncts the Ascendant. There's delays or difficulty involving money. When Saturn conjuncts the 1st, nothing good usually comes out of the situation. Public image, career is shite. As 10th ruler is Mars in Libra, debilitated and crying as the fixed star Vindemiatrix is conjunct … Continue reading Any Paying Customers Today?

Where is my Misplaced Crystal?

I have misplaced my blue lace agate crystal. I need it somewhat desperately for tomorrow as it's my "talisman" for sensitive and flowing communication which I desperately need for tomorrow.  Following the rules by Olivia Barclay... The planet ruling the sign on the second house symbolizes the misplaced item - Mercury If this planet is … Continue reading Where is my Misplaced Crystal?

Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Question: My partner and I are members of a sports club in Dublin. Is the sports club going to win at the GALAs this year? Response: Unfortunately it seems no. Tarot 7 cups. Confusion. Lots of great nominees to choose from. I Ching Hexagram 21, Biting through. The text of hexagram 21 is ambigous "Eradicating. … Continue reading Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Will There be Paying Customers From Now Until My Date Arrives?

I think of paying customers as Lord 8 - money from customers. It's Mercury in this case. I'm represented by Lord 1, Saturn. There's no aspects formed between Mercury and Saturn nor their antiscia. Okay, there won't be paying customers.  BUT, a paying customer showed up at about 4:45pm. What have I missed? Maybe let's … Continue reading Will There be Paying Customers From Now Until My Date Arrives?

When Will the Power be Back?

A very late Ascendant. Too late to judge this question. Possibly because there's already news release of when the power will be restored. Or the power is already out. Duh. The home situation is bad all right but the worst is over. There could be crying or tears involved. There might be regret and things … Continue reading When Will the Power be Back?

How Many Paying Customers Will Show Up Today?

Question: How many paying customers will show up today? Answer: Lord 8 is Venus in Virgo, a barren sign. Your customers won't have much money. Moon represents querent as Venus is already taken up as Lord 8. Moon conjuncts the cusp of the 8th house. Yes, the querent's mind is on the client's money. Moon … Continue reading How Many Paying Customers Will Show Up Today?