Consultation Chart and Legal

I set up a consultation chart for the next appointment. Very interesting. The chart ruler conjuncts the 7th tightly i.e. within a degree. Okay relationships. Maybe a legal case?Read More »


Predicting Physical Appearance

I received a text with a burning question. A-ha! I can use horary for that. I will be meeting the client some days later but am curious as to how she looks like. The Ascendant is in Leo. She’s well-built, tallish and a thick mop of hair. North node is in the 1st. So that expands the physical description in the previous sentence. The chart ruler is the Sun in Aquarius which conjuncts the south node tightly. Oh, she’s not well-built, tallish and having a massive mop of hair then. Just somewhat like that, especially since south node restricts and decreases. Read More »

Will I Pass the Exam?

I had a general astrological forecast session with Victor. I asked him “Do you have any burning questions?” He said no and I proceeded with the consultation. Towards the end of the session, I asked him whether he has any questions. He asked whether he will pass his exam.

I reminded him of the virtue of patience and declined to ask him. I had a look at the horary chart today. It’s not radical. The Ascendant and the Ascendant ruler, the Sun, does not match Victor’s physical appearances and body. 8 degree Leo and 1 degree Capricorn do not relate back to Victor’s natal chart as well.

It occurred to me that Victor’s question is frivolous. It’s a good-to-know question and not a burning question. Horary astrology wouldn’t “work” for him. The question wasn’t rooted.


will I pass the exam horary

Will there be a Divorce?

Moon is on the 1st. The querent is feeling emotional regarding her hopes. Or a friend is with her now. I don’t look at quincunxes but the Moon is in the same degree as Sun, which is a natural significator for men in general. There’s a sense of letting go. In fact, the querent asked “Will my husband ever go?” The answer seems yes, based on the foregoing. But, as I have said, I don’t consider quincunxes. Let’s plod on.Read More »