Whole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

I was studying whole sign houses again recently. Someone suggested to track the transits of planets especially outer ones into a house to observe the effectiveness of the whole sign house system. It got me thinking – isn’t that essentially looking at Sun sign columns based on your Ascendant sign? For some time, I have been puzzled on why there is some validity to the … Continue reading Whole Sign Houses and Sun Sign Astrology

Musing About Capricorns

I have realized over time that persons with a high emphasis on the Capricorn sign or a strongly featured Saturn are rather responsible people. They try to do what is right by their perceived expectations of their partner, family, friends, work colleagues, bosses, community and society. So much so that often times, they might forget to look after their own needs and desires as it’s always about the other person or their actions are based on the “correct” thing to do. Continue reading “Musing About Capricorns”

The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

Hurry, open the doors of personal growth, expansion and opportunities while the doors are still there! From today until early Nov 2018, you might feel expansive, a sense of freedom, seek meaning of life and urged to expand into new areas of experiences into the following areas of your life: Aries: Transformations, deep and hidden emotional self, joint/shared resources, other people’s money, intimate and bonding … Continue reading The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

2017 Weekly Horoscopes: 25 Sep to 1 Oct

ARIES (March 21 – April 20) Get in touch with the state of your health. Visit your GP for your annual physical check-up if you haven’t already done so. As you go through your everyday life, pay attention to any restlessness within you regarding your goals in life, a friend or a group that you belong to. Now is the time to act. However, you … Continue reading 2017 Weekly Horoscopes: 25 Sep to 1 Oct