Overcoming Hardships (Hexagram 39)

What do the ancients say about hardships and obstructions in our lives? Firstly, hardships and obstructions are signified by hexagram 39 which is made up of water at the top (outer trigram) and mountain at the bottom (inner trigram). Water during the olden days represents danger. Mountain denotes stillness. Unchanging danger or difficulty sounds like … Continue reading Overcoming Hardships (Hexagram 39)

The Fall After the Climax

It can be really insightful to read the hexagram that's before the one that you have cast. Take for example, hexagram 56, Travelling. The decision according to Huang's translation is "Travelling. Little prosperity and smoothness. Traveller, being steadfast and upright: good fortune." The hexagram before it is hexagram 55, Abundance "Abundance. Prosperous and smooth. The … Continue reading The Fall After the Climax