Hexagram 47

Hexagram 47 is on oppression, exhaustion. This reminds me of 10 Wands and possibly 5 Pentacles.  


Hexagram 43-2

Question: Will my upcoming permit, which is expiring, be renewed successfully? Insight: Hexagram 43-2, transforming into hexagram 49. Jou interestingly translated hexagram 43 as Decision as the question clearly revolves around a decision of the authority. Wilhelm translated it as breakthrough or resoluteness. I like Wilhelm's translation of the decision which stays pretty close to … Continue reading Hexagram 43-2

Should I Return to Employment This/Next Year?

Scott asked whether it's advisable for him to return to employment this or next year. He has been pursuing his dream for nearly a year now but the income from it is unstable and his future is uncertain. He casted hexagram 32 with changing lines 1 and 4. Approached hexagram is 11. Using Jou's method, … Continue reading Should I Return to Employment This/Next Year?

Duration/Constancy – Hexagram 32

__  __ __  __ _____ _____ _____ __  __ Thunder over Wind. Both thunder and wind represent the elemental wood. Visualise a plank of wood - it is firm, stable, definite, concrete, tangible. You know what you are getting. What you see is what you get. Perhaps, that's another reason why Hexagram 32 is labelled … Continue reading Duration/Constancy – Hexagram 32

Overcoming Hardships (Hexagram 39)

What do the ancients say about hardships and obstructions in our lives? Firstly, hardships and obstructions are signified by hexagram 39 which is made up of water at the top (outer trigram) and mountain at the bottom (inner trigram). Water during the olden days represents danger. Mountain denotes stillness. Unchanging danger or difficulty sounds like … Continue reading Overcoming Hardships (Hexagram 39)