Will I Have to Move?

Question: I'm renting this place. Landlord has previously told us that she is selling the place but it came to nothing. She told us today again that the place is going to be sold soon and to be prepared to move when the sale goes through. Do I have to be concerned with what she … Continue reading Will I Have to Move?


Moon in Capricorn

A creative exploration of astrological symbols can be really helpful. Who would have thought that a Moon in Capricorn conjunct MC may refer to a career in geriatrics or work in a nursing home? I wouldn't, until a client pointed out such an interest. There's plenty of possibilities when it comes to unveiling astrological symbols. … Continue reading Moon in Capricorn

Pluto on Descendant/7th House

Pluto = death. Descendant = partner. Pluto on partner = potential death of partner. This is disturbing as I met Mr Swarovski who had this natal placement. Pluto conjuncts Descendant within the degree. His wife died. I suspect the death is "activated" by a transit or progression. Certainly, the foregoing interpretation is too literal and concrete. … Continue reading Pluto on Descendant/7th House

2017 Weekly Horoscopes: 25 Sep to 1 Oct

ARIES (March 21 - April 20) Get in touch with the state of your health. Visit your GP for your annual physical check-up if you haven't already done so. As you go through your everyday life, pay attention to any restlessness within you regarding your goals in life, a friend or a group that you … Continue reading 2017 Weekly Horoscopes: 25 Sep to 1 Oct

Can Death of a Loved One Ever be “Good”?

  My mum passed away when Jupiter was transiting my natal Moon. Jupiter is traditionally a benefic planet i.e. having a favourable influence.  So, a simplistic thinking is that Jupiter = Good stuff, Moon = mum, among other things. So, good stuff is happening to mum. Hurray! Yipee!  And she passed away during the second … Continue reading Can Death of a Loved One Ever be “Good”?

Money Saving Tip: Visit the Hairdresser/Barber Less Often

Have you ever notice the time interval between each of your visits to the hairdresser or barber? As a guy, I know there were times when I visited the barber 1.5 month after the previous visit instead of the usual one month. Not placing too much emphasis on my appearances and wanting to save a … Continue reading Money Saving Tip: Visit the Hairdresser/Barber Less Often

The World of Crystal Healing

Okay, I'm getting into crystal healing from an astrological perspective. The book that I have chosen to initiate me into the field is "Stars and Stones: An Astro-Magical Lapidary" by Peter Stockinger. Here's the key concept of crystal healing in the book: A planet can be assessed as essentially dignified or debilitated. A debilitated planet … Continue reading The World of Crystal Healing

Should I Return to Employment This/Next Year?

Scott asked whether it's advisable for him to return to employment this or next year. He has been pursuing his dream for nearly a year now but the income from it is unstable and his future is uncertain. He casted hexagram 32 with changing lines 1 and 4. Approached hexagram is 11. Using Jou's method, … Continue reading Should I Return to Employment This/Next Year?

Duration/Constancy – Hexagram 32

__  __ __  __ _____ _____ _____ __  __ Thunder over Wind. Both thunder and wind represent the elemental wood. Visualise a plank of wood - it is firm, stable, definite, concrete, tangible. You know what you are getting. What you see is what you get. Perhaps, that's another reason why Hexagram 32 is labelled … Continue reading Duration/Constancy – Hexagram 32

Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

I wonder whether a man with Mars-Moon aspect or a woman with Venus-Moon (and perhaps even Mars-Moon) likes to wank off daily? Or it could be a man with Mars in Cancer and a Venus in Cancer (and Mars in Cancer) for the lasses.  Reason being the Moon represents our unconscious self, our daily habits … Continue reading Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon