Worried Over Saturn-Mars Transit

To be honest, I'm rather concerned about an upcoming Saturn opposition Mars transit. Mars rules my natal 6th and 11th. I have been getting these tingling in my left foot again recently. It was tingling some months ago but they went away. Yes, I did see a doctor and did a blood test and was … Continue reading Worried Over Saturn-Mars Transit


Step 3: Identifying the Facing Direction

One of the most piece of information required in a feng-shui reading is to identify the facing direction of the property that you are performing a feng-shui reading for. Here are some suggestions on locating that direction: Which side of the property/building offers the most unobstructed i.e. open view? If all sides of the property … Continue reading Step 3: Identifying the Facing Direction

Moon in Air Signs

What does it mean to feel? Is it to have "feelings" of happiness, sadness, grief, etc. Emotional feelings? Mostly interestingly and unexpectedly, Oxford online dictionary defines the verb "feel" as "Experience (an emotion or sensation)". I would like to suggest that to feel is to react, to respond instinctually. When one feels, it's almost as … Continue reading Moon in Air Signs

Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep

I'm intrigued to see how the balsamic phase "plays out" for people. Almost inevitably, most of my clients who's going through this phase do not enjoy it at all - they are used to doing and acting and it seems that letting go is the theme here. Those who don't mind it as much on … Continue reading Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep

Venus in 11th – Venus Returns

I was ecstatic when I read Brady state in her book Predictive Astrology "The Venus return is very handy to help answer the question of: 'When will I find a relationship?'" Yipee. I can finally give a "definitive" answer to my clients when they ask when will they meet the love of their life, without … Continue reading Venus in 11th – Venus Returns

What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 1

Understand the general opportunities available to you in 2018!  Check whether there's a X or XX for your age or near your age in 2018 in the table below. Look at the column header to identity the type of opportunities that's available to you. “XX” tends to describe a more concentrated opportunity than “X”. Scroll … Continue reading What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 1