August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse

Yesterday was an emotionally challenging day for me. I was like there’s nothing astrologically affecting me. Hmmm, it turns out that the solar eclipse contacted my Moon, planet of feelings, emotions, etc.I didn’t consider that previously due to a technical point – orbs for those in the know. Continue reading “August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse”

Mercury in Aquarius

I was somewhat surprised when a client with Mercury in Aquarius stayed mostly quiet throughout an astrology consultation. Actually, I would say that her communication is somewhat unpredictable. Hmmm. Mercury in Aquarius is disposed by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus. The unpredictability in her communication is explained by Uranus. The cautiousness and reservedness might be explained by Saturn.   Continue reading Mercury in Aquarius

Progressed Sun Changing Signs

Before yesterday, with the exception of one client, all clients who went through a change in sign of their progressed Sun experienced rather uncomfortable events and/or feelings during and after the lead up to the change of sign. The one client who had supposedly a “great” time was in his 50s where he begun to pursue his lifelong passion for art. In a way, I supposed he left his legal profession and there was a sort of ending for him as well. But, he’s the happiest client that I can remember who had a “positive” change in sign of his progressed Sun. Continue reading “Progressed Sun Changing Signs”

Consultation Chart – Chart Ruler in 6th

I have rigidly assumed that when the chart ruler of a consultation chart is the 6th house and combust because of a 6th house Sun, the person is burnt out by work. I had a client who discussed his aspiration to train as a fitness coach. Boy, the 6th house also signifies the health industry doesn’t it?! Wait, it could also mean that the person … Continue reading Consultation Chart – Chart Ruler in 6th


A client said that she should have light conversations. I was mulling over her words when it struck me that she has a Mercury conjunct Saturn natally. That explains it! I have associated Mercury-Pluto or Pluto in the 3rd house as “heavy, intense” conversations. It has never occurred to me that Mercury-Saturn can refer to a tendency for heavy conversations too! Or maybe not heavy … Continue reading Mercury-Saturn

Progressed MC Ruler Changing Sign

A short note: Mary’s natal MC is in Taurus which makes Venus her MC ruler. Progressed Venus recently changed sign from Aries to Taurus. Using a 1 degree orb, she did feel that her career was more stabilized and predictable. Before the switch in sign, she was working on a freelance basis on her own which kind of fits into MC ruler in Aries sign. Continue reading Progressed MC Ruler Changing Sign