Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

I wonder whether a man with Mars-Moon aspect or a woman with Venus-Moon (and perhaps even Mars-Moon) likes to wank off daily? Or it could be a man with Mars in Cancer and a Venus in Cancer (and Mars in Cancer) for the lasses.  Reason being the Moon represents our unconscious self, our daily habits … Continue reading Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

The last 2 days had been horrendous. I felt horrendous. Those horrible feelings descended on me just like that. Without warning or whatsoever. The astrologer in me reasoned that it has to do with the planets above me. Come to think of it. It seems that we are mere puppets of the universe with little … Continue reading Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

Change Your Physical Appearance By Relocating

I have a conjecture that you can change your physical apperance or at least change people's perception of your appearance for better or worse when you move to a new city/country. Here's a case study: Senorita Amorita's natal ascendant is Virgo and her chart ruler is Mercury in Sagittarius. So we expect her to look … Continue reading Change Your Physical Appearance By Relocating

New Moon in Virgo

It is the new moon again on next Thursday 1 September (GMT). This time, it will be in Virgo. Make up your own wishes in the following areas of your life which are ruled by Virgo: Physical health Diet Exercise Health habits Weight control Healing Work Jobs Work projects Tasks and errands Co-workers Daily routines Household … Continue reading New Moon in Virgo