Lunar Nodes – A Balance Between the Old and New

I think the traditional view of the natal south node is that it’s malefic and something that we should avoid and move away from. The modern western psychological view is that we don’t abandon what comes naturally to us but instead, capitalise on them whenever it’s appropriate to do so and seek to develop the qualities of our North Node. In effect it’s to have the best of both worlds.

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Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus

Here are some adjectives regarding this pair of moon nodes: Interdependence versus independent. Or put simply, us versus I Joint/partner’s resources versus own resources Intensity versus simplicity Emotional versus physical Emotional intimacy versus physical intimacy Penetrative versus on the surface I had a client who has her north lunar node conjunct her Descendant and accordingly, her south node conjuncts the Ascendant. She broke up with … Continue reading Lunar Nodes: Scorpio – Taurus