Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

I’m looking at the lunar return. Venus is in the 6th and rules the 6th and intercepted 12th. When transiting Venus conjuncts the Descendant at 3.44pm, I can’t recall what happened during this time. Which makes sense I suppose as the Descendant involves the other person. Hmmm, could it be: a staff/employee having a different perspective from me, thereby being an ‘open enemy’? (and gossiping … Continue reading Venus Conjunct Lunar Return 7th Transit

Transiting Moon Conjunct Lunar Return 7th

Hmmm, I would expect the planet or luminary in this case transiting the angles of a return chart to be significant in some way. Granted that it’s a lunar return chart we are talking of, and the transiting Moon, any effects or events are likely to be subtle and fleeting at best. But that’s not the point. I’m still keen on tracking these aspects and … Continue reading Transiting Moon Conjunct Lunar Return 7th

Lunar Return October 2018

Here are my predictions: Moon in 1st – a lunar month of action especially given that Moon conjunct Mars. The change/action includes work, daily work routine as Moon rules the 6th. Energies are devoted on knowledge that brings in money. Moon squares Mercury that rules 4th and 5th. The change creates stress, tension within home life and sense of fun. ASC ruler is Saturn. Saturn … Continue reading Lunar Return October 2018

Lunar Return

Avid readers of my blog will know that I have been observing lunar returns on and off. I went back into it again recently for the previous return. Amongst other interpretations, Uranus in Taurus was angular on IC and Venus which disposes it is in the 8th. Certainly we could interpret it psychologically – there’s a radical urge for changes in the very roots of … Continue reading Lunar Return