Sun/Moon Midpoint

COSI states the following for this midpoint’s psychological correspondence: + A harmonious character, inner balance – Inner discontent, an unbalanced nature, the struggle between duty and interests or hobbies I wonder whether a natal ‘hard’ aspect between the Sun and the Moon are more likely to ‘result’ in the negative psychological correspondence? I’m just thinking, say we have a square between the Sun and Moon … Continue reading Sun/Moon Midpoint

Mercury=Sun/Moon Transit

The transit took place at 4.30pm on Sunday. I had been lazing away before then. Almost suddenly, I resolved to start doing some work. I continued to stay in bed and started inserting calendar events as reminders. And then, I did a flurry of writing for 3 hours, writing up learning points from astrology consultations and observations about my personal transits and other forecasting techniques. … Continue reading Mercury=Sun/Moon Transit