Neptune = Sun / Moon Midpoint

On hindsight, I realized that whenever I’m having a particularly awful day and needed emergency recharge (Sun represents vitality and Moon as emotional nurture), I would watch a Harry Potter movie. It allows me to lose myself in the magical world and life is worth living after the movie. Interestingly, during college days when we were asked to introduce ourselves to the class by writing … Continue reading Neptune = Sun / Moon Midpoint

Another Look at Solar Returns

I had a client whose Sun is in the 8th house of his solar return. The only aspect made by the Sun is a square to the MC. So, we know that his career/future is subject to some form of transformation or at least deep and penetrative feelings and thoughts. Given that the client’s natal Sun is in the 2nd house, the transformation and/or feelings are probably due to the client’s sense of vitality from his personal resources including money. Continue reading “Another Look at Solar Returns”