Money Forecast

A general forecast for this year for Mr Hillbilly. We are concentrating on his 2nd house, the Sun and the Moon which rules the 2nd house. We might also look at Uranus and Pluto as they make an aspect to the Sun in 2nd although I think Pluto might have a negative effect on the finances.Read More »


Which Health Insurance to Switch to?

The private health insurance landscape in Ireland is mental. There are over 325 plans available. It can be very tough and downright confusing to figure out which one best meets your objectives. Paddy visited me recently, expressing his dismay at the increase in his 2018 health insurance premium of €150 by his current health insurer, Irish Life. He’s keen to switch to another plan that provides coverage in semi-private room in a private hospital. He had two plans in mind – Laya Healthcare Precision 600 and Precision 450, the former being his preference.Read More »

Money Is Everything

“People” say money isn’t everything. What if a person’s chart ruler, MC ruler is in the 2nd house, along with say the Sun, Moon, and/or other personal planets in the 2nd? Given such a strong emphasis on the 2nd house, wouldn’t the person’s energies be focused on money (or his/her talents, values)?

Aquarius on 2nd House

P.S. (pre-scipt): This is modern psychological astrology where Uranus co-rules Aquarius. 

The 2nd house represents our personal resources which includes money and resources, self-worth and values in general. They may be things which we attach to ourselves or our ego to make us feel secure.Read More »

The Cautious Parts of Us

I have a client who’s thinking of leaving employment and setting up his own business. Transiting Neptune is conjuncting the cusp of his second house in this month or so. I gently cautioned him that his personal finances might not be stable for next few years and whether he has savings to buffer him through the first few years if he decides to be an entrepreneur? He said no. I then talked about the virtues of being frugal especially for new business owners, me being one and from my background as an accountant.

He asked whether his chart says that he’s not conversative with money as he think he is although he invests a fair bit on education. I had a second look. His second house is ruled by Saturn which is in the 9th house. Oh oh. I told him that he’s generally cautious with money and yes, his major expenditure would be on items that expand the horizons of his mind, etc.

We then talked about his relationships. His Descendant ruler is conjunct by Neptune and I talked about the possibility of him being too giving and sacrificial in relationships. That is until I saw that the DSC ruler is squared by Saturn (which is incidentally the focal planet of a T-square). Oophs. Here’s Saturn again. And by the way, his ascendant is Capricorn and chart ruler is Capricorn. Essentially, his general approach to life is to be cautious, responsible.

Lessons relearnt and to be drilled into me:

  1. Start with the basics before delving into the specifics of a person’s life. What are the trinities of a person i.e. Ascendant & chart ruler, Sun and Moon?
  2. For forecasting, it is essential and crucial to describe a person’s attitudes towards an area of his/her life at the start of a reading, however briefly that may be.
  3.  Which houses and planets are ruled or disposed by Saturn? This shows Saturn’s influence on those areas of life and parts of personality.