Money Is Everything

"People" say money isn't everything. What if a person's chart ruler, MC ruler is in the 2nd house, along with say the Sun, Moon, and/or other personal planets in the 2nd? Given such a strong emphasis on the 2nd house, wouldn't the person's energies be focused on money (or his/her talents, values)?


When Will the Bank Account be Opened?

Opening a bank account in Ireland is ridiculous. I could go on and on about what I had been through. Anyhow, after waiting for four months with complaint letters, door slamming, phone calls, waiting and more waiting, I decided to ask the universe when the account will finally be opened. Opening a bank account requires … Continue reading When Will the Bank Account be Opened?

Aquarius on 2nd House

P.S. (pre-scipt): This is modern psychological astrology where Uranus co-rules Aquarius.  The 2nd house represents our personal resources which includes money and resources, self-worth and values in general. They may be things which we attach to ourselves or our ego to make us feel secure. Using traditional rulership, Saturn rules Aquarius. Therefore, there's Saturian themes … Continue reading Aquarius on 2nd House

The Cautious Parts of Us

I have a client who's thinking of leaving employment and setting up his own business. Transiting Neptune is conjuncting the cusp of his second house in this month or so. I gently cautioned him that his personal finances might not be stable for next few years and whether he has savings to buffer him through … Continue reading The Cautious Parts of Us

Shall I Return to Employment?

Mr Hiroshi has a source of income which is causing him much grief. There's an opportunity in the horizon which promises high rewards but it is uncertain whether the profits can be realised. He wonders whether it's better to return to employment. He has not been employed for many years but it's a theoretical option … Continue reading Shall I Return to Employment?

Are You Sure that Move is “Good” For You?

People move for all kinds of reasons - a better job, a better lifestyle, changes in lifestyle, for a better life, etc. But does the city that you have set your eyes on necessarily deliver on what it promises you? Surely, I migrated to Sydney Australia for four to five months because Australia has been rated … Continue reading Are You Sure that Move is “Good” For You?

Random Thoughts on Money

Here's some food for thought: Does your profession/job necessarily make you the most amount of money that you are potentially capable of making? Is it possible that your money potential involves multiple sources of income rather than solely from job/investments? Certainly, we receive income from our jobs. But it might not make us the most … Continue reading Random Thoughts on Money