5th House – Mum’s Death

I realised today that the 5th house could actually represent mother’s death. I was doing a chart rectification. Solar arc directed MC opposed natal Pluto in 5th. I was thinking about transformation about matters of pleasure, children, etc. The client said that his mother passed away in a certain month. I was like Pluto certainly could depict the death and MC as the mother but … Continue reading 5th House – Mum’s Death

Mercury in Aquarius

I was somewhat surprised when a client with Mercury in Aquarius stayed mostly quiet throughout an astrology consultation. Actually, I would say that her communication is somewhat unpredictable. Hmmm. Mercury in Aquarius is disposed by Saturn and co-ruled by Uranus. The unpredictability in her communication is explained by Uranus. The cautiousness and reservedness might be explained by Saturn.   Continue reading Mercury in Aquarius

Not Another Delay Again!

Saturn delays. He makes us wait. With Saturn, it’s like running a marathon rather than a sprint. So, when a person asks about finding someone to form a family and there’s Saturn involved, it’s unlikely that the person finds someone to settle down at a young age. For example, Carter is single and is feeling the urge to have a family. His 4th house ruler conjuncts Saturn. He might feel frustrated or restricted in his attempts (to have a family). Perhaps as a result of those inner tensions, forming a family does happen later in life for him when compared to his peers. Certainly, Saturn conjunct IC ruler could manifest in a variety of other ways. For example, being cautious, realistic or even having a fear about forming a family.  Continue reading “Not Another Delay Again!”

7th House

Based on my limited knowledge of traditional astrology, the 7th house represents the other person, our partner, romantic or business and a host of other matters. So if there’s a Mercury in your natal 7th, it could suggest that Mercurial themes such as communication, student, transport is associated with your partner. After numerous consultations with clients over time, it seems that the 7th representing the … Continue reading 7th House

Single or Dual Direction Causation

Howard’s 7th ruler conjuncts his Midheaven. There’s a clear connection between his significant one-to-one relationship and his career (or other matters as represented by the 7th and MC). So when his relationship is going well, his career is very likely to go well too. Does it work the other way as well? i.e. when his career goes well, his relationship goes well too. I don’t … Continue reading Single or Dual Direction Causation