A Look at Alamak’s Career

The cusp of Alamak’s 10th house is in Pisces. So, it’s ruled by Jupiter according to traditional astrology. For the folks that uses modern psychology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. For those who takes the middle path, Pisces is co-ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. For simplicity, let’s say Alamak’s career is ruled by Jupiter. Based on my suspicions, Alamak’s professional and personal future are … Continue reading A Look at Alamak’s Career

A Time for Everything

I read John Frawley’s article on electional astrology many Moons ago. Electional astrology is the magical art of choosing a time to do something to produce an outcome desired by you. For example, couples can come to me and ask for the best date and time for their wedding that promises marital bliss, children and etc. Continue reading “A Time for Everything”

Pisces MC or Neptune-MC Aspects

Here are some thoughts on a Pisces Midheaven or Neptune aspecting it, especially involving conjunctions. The zodiac sign Pisces is that of two fish bounded together, heading towards two different directions. It’s almost as if there’s a conflict of some kind and even a struggle between the two. Eventually, to get to somewhere, anywhere, one of the fish has to let go, surrender and be … Continue reading Pisces MC or Neptune-MC Aspects