Progressed Saturn Conjunct Progressed Venus

I was kinda worried when progressed Saturn was conjuncting my progressed Venus last year. That is after reading Brady’s Predictive Astrology “Non-chart-related types of progressions are very subjective. You will not be persuaded away from your obsession.” I recalled the example of Joan of Arc that Brady used. Joan heard the voice of God, she dressed up as a man, she went into battle when … Continue reading Progressed Saturn Conjunct Progressed Venus

Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

It was a day of most intense feelings. Scott felt belittled by his driving instructor on that day. The instructor implied that Scott was in no way ready to take his driving test, which was very different from the oral and written feedback given by the tester. His confidence was greatly reduced and shaken by the behaviour of the instructor. The progressed Moon also acted … Continue reading Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Mercury

Progressed Charts

Yikes, I have a progressed Venus conjunct progressed Saturn coming up, without reference to my natal chart. According to Brady, a hallmark of a non-natal chart related progression is the display of an unshakable faith or determination without compromise. There is an exhibition of intense desires arising from deep inside, from the center of being, from God or from intuition. The person is driven by … Continue reading Progressed Charts

Predicting Death in a Family

A client told me that her cousin passed away this week. She’s actually relieved at his death as he was unwell for many years. The transit that seems “responsible” for the death is Saturn square Uranus-Jupiter which kicked in from January 2018, climaxes in July-August and ends in November 2018, depending on what orbs you use. What does Saturn rule in Betty’s chart? It rules … Continue reading Predicting Death in a Family

Progressed Full Moon

I mentioned in an earlier post about the seeds that are planted during a progressed new Moon phase that are blossomed during the progressed full Moon phase. This principal hasn’t quite worked for me. It’s on my to-do list to consider. However, I can see it working for some clients of mine. E.g. Hugo has his progressed new Moon in Cancer and in the 8th … Continue reading Progressed Full Moon

Progressed Full Moon Phase

Up to now, I have always thought of the progressed full Moon phase as a culmination of one’s career which certainly applies to me and the majority of my clients. Recently, I had a client Arnott who certainly did not experience the culmination of his career or whatsoever. Instead, he started going to a counsellor for the first time in his life to explore his issues.   He explained that the time period of the progressed full Moon was a time of illumination. Which is brilliant as that’s a typical keyword used in astro texts. Incidentally, his natal Moon is in the 12th house.  Continue reading “Progressed Full Moon Phase”