Progressed MC Ruler Changing Sign

A short note: Mary’s natal MC is in Taurus which makes Venus her MC ruler. Progressed Venus recently changed sign from Aries to Taurus. Using a 1 degree orb, she did feel that her career was more stabilized and predictable. Before the switch in sign, she was working on a freelance basis on her own which kind of fits into MC ruler in Aries sign.


A Look at a Progressed Chart

Part 2 of a quick look at a progressed chart for a client of mine, Arena. Here’s the biwheel where the inner wheel is the natal chart.

progressed chart biwheel

Progressed Ascendant

It changed sign to Scorpio about 4+ years ago. Arena’s natural tendency is to approach the world with co-operation, beauty and harmony, effectively the quality of “nice”. With the switch in sign, there’s an overlay of intensity, deep emotions, interdependence and penetrating to the bottom of something. As Mars now rules her Ascendant, her future, public face and career are areas of her life that she may gravitate towards now (natal Mas conjuncts her MC).

Progressed Ascendant is entering her 2nd house in November 2020. Before then, there will be a shift from doing and experimentation to consolidation and stability, perhaps involving her personal resources.

Here are the aspects made by the progressed Ascendant, which is quite a lot:

  • Applying semi-sextile to natal ASC and quincunx natal DSC – a sense that her approach to the world requires some adjustment, e.g. from being fair and nice to being controlling and powerful, but may be uncertain how to go about doing it. There’s a need to reconcile her relationship needs and her expectations of the outer world.
  • Applying sesquiquadrate to progressed Mercury – a sense of frustration and conflict between thoughts pertaining to one-to-one relationships and how she approaches things. Some patience may be advised because she can act on her thoughts
  • Separating sesquiquadrate from natal Sun in 7th – some inner tension and frustration relating to her sense of purpose from relationships
  • Separating trine from natal MC – there’s harmony between her future and inner goals and ambitions and how others see her and how she approaches things in general
  • Separating square from natal Jupiter in 11th – how she see things is at odds with her long-term aspirations and groups that she may belong to, e.g. online forums with members sharing similar interests, background or objectives.
  • Applying square to progressed Jupiter in 11th – this is reminiscent of the above aspect. So we would expect a prolonged sense of the above.
  • Applying square to natal Saturn in 5th – there’s tension between her expectations of the world and serious or structured fun or committed romance
  • Applying square to progressed Moon. Natally, ASC trine Moon – tension between her feelings which isn’t usual for Arena.

Wow, that’s a lot of aspects made by the progressed ASC.

Progressed MC

Progressed MC has moved from Cancer to Leo about 6 months ago. From the reclusive crab to the bold and confident lion. Or maybe her aspirations and ambitions have become more positive and daring than cautious and security conscious.

Progressed MC makes a separating square to progressed Sun in natal 8th house. A need for stability and tactility (progressed Sun in Taurus) and being hidden doesn’t quite gel with creative leadership. Some adjustment is required to align her public face and herself.

Progressed Sun

The progressed Sun has been in Taurus for the past 15 years or so. It also spent the last 9 years in the 8th house. Moving from relationships, balanced living to more inter-connectedness and intimacy. All these themes won’t be new to Arena.

The progressed Sun makes or receives no aspects to other planets and angles in the natal or progressed chart.

Progressed Moon

Arena’s current progressed lunar phase is disseminating. She has left her job about a year ago which is not uncommon for people in the disseminating phase as they felt that the abundance experienced during the full moon progressed lunar phase was over and they are on the lookout for something else, hoping to replicate the experience.

Her progressed Moon is back in Aquarius about 5 months ago and in the 5th house about 3 months ago. The progressed Moon is back in its natal sign and house. Arena is likely to feel comfortable, status quo, that she’s back to doing what she instinctively like best – having freedom and individualistic expression of herself in activities that she enjoy.

Here’s the aspects made by the progressed Moon to natal planets and points:

  • Conjunct Saturn in Jan 2018 – Feelings and emotions are blocked, relating to home and pleasure as Saturn rules the 4th and co-rules the 5th natally. Feeling a sense of duty and responsibility within home and family.
  • Conjunct Moon in August 2018 – the progressed returns to its natal position. A new beginning relating to her inner feelings. She might feel that her mother is wounded emotionally, which may translate into physical symptoms, thereby taking actions with her body. Alternatively, Arena may feel that her new job involves being a teacher or counselor to children where she invests energy into nurturing them.
  • Semi-sextile Uranus in Sep 2018 – a sense of frustration or blind spot relating to radical changes or unexpected events at home or desiring freedom and independence from her past
  • Semi-sextile Nep in Dec 2018 – a nagging feeling that her home situation is in a state of fluctuation

There’s no aspects mad by the progressed Moon to the progressed chart.

Progressed Mercury

Mercury hasn’t moved much from its natal position although it did go direct about 7 years ago.

  • Mercury is separating from a quincunx to Pluto. Thoughts or communication leading to a transformation in her personal resources. With a connection to her career or mother as progressed Mercury is ruled by Mars.
  • Progressed Mercury is on the verge of making a square to Chiron in 10th. Thoughts of being a teacher or counsellor to children as Chiron is disposed by Moon in 5th.

Progressed Venus

Venus has gone a long way from Taurus to Gemini and from 8th to 9th. It’s nearly at its end of a semi-sextile between the progressed and natal Venus. This suggests a sense of inner tension between relating to others in a methodical and system fashion with a focus on intimacy and a more light and adaptable style of relating perhaps with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Indeed, the sextile between progressed Venus and natal Mercury suggests that her new blended style of relating to others harmonizes easily with her communications with others in a one-to-one basis.

It’s also interesting that her natural orientation to the outside world has changed from staying hidden and uncover (chart ruler in 8th) to the 9th which represents education, venturing into unexplored territories.

Progressed Mars

Mars has moved deeper into the 10th house, suggesting that Arena’s well on her future path. Mars’s very close to making a trine with Pluto in the 2nd. the same theme of transformation in her personal resources, as mentioned earlier, might come from her drive and energy devoted towards her career and ambition. Progressed Mars makes a square to natal Sun. She’s acting towards her life direction, pushing herself in a certain direction using the tension within her. It could also suggest a conflict of career and relationship goals.

Other Progressed Planets and Nodes

The outer planets and nodes move rather slowly. There isn’t any (obvious) aspects made by them. However, it’s worth mentioning that progressed Pluto retrograded and is going to conjunct natal Pluto soon. Again, the theme of a transformation in her personal resources including talents is repeated (the 3rd time and in her solar return chart for this year too).





Escape from Sun in 8th Solar Return! Or Maybe Not…

I was looking at my solar return chart for my birthday this year for the nth time. The sun is in the 8th house. Yikes! Sun in 8th doesn’t have a good reputation unless you are used to transformations and the likes of it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily think that it’s going to be a challenging year but it would be nice if life is more triny or sextily, in a good sense. Read More »

Progressed Moon in 12th/1st

Read this. My progressed Moon crossed my natal Ascendant in January 2017. I left my previous employer in November 2016! I certainly felt a sense of freedom and ability to act since then. If nothing else, I am certainly on my own most of the time since then. Flying solo.

It’s uncanny that the 2 dates are so close although it could be the case that my time of birth is off by a few minutes.

You bet that I will be tracking the house of my progressed Moon from now on.

Evolution of a Person – Part 1

A good way to get astrologers into a debate is to talk about the orbs that they use. Another possible way is their view on whether progressions or transits reflect the psychological shifts within a person. As mentioned in an earlier post, I believe that secondary progressions reflects the inner evolution of a person. But as with all things, the development of a person usually manifest outwardly. Hence, there’s certainly a connection between inner and outer events.

Let’s look at the progressed chart of a fictitious person from my imagination, Amelia, from an overall picture before we look at the nitty gitty details. The progressed chart is as at 4 January 2018. So, the description in this post and Part 2 will describe 2017 and 2018 using a 1° orb.

The Big Picture

Amelia is about 26 years old at the date of the progressed chart below. She’s born in August, the summer months so the progressed Ascendent moves slower than a Spring baby. That’s why the progressed ASC-DSC are still in the same sign as the natal’s. There’s a shift in her MC-IC axis though. Her ambitions and inner goals and her deep inner self have an overlay of flexibility and adaptability on top of its stability and staying power.

Natally, Amelia is rather earthy and fiery. You can say that she manifests her visions and aspirations. In fact, there’s no personal and social planets, ASC and MC in air. She might respond to the lack of air by overcompensation, projection, etc. In the progressed chart, however, there’s a shift towards air – Libran Sun and Mars and MC in Gemini. It’s almost as if she’s wearing a cloak of sociability and harmonious communication now on top of her usual confident discriminating self.

In terms of modality, the progressed Sun and Mars are in cardinal sign, adding further to the cardinal Moon. This gives Amelia the ability to jumpstart and initiate projects, start and experiment with new things on top of her natural adaptability and flexibility.

The stellium of planets in the 12th has dispersed in the progressed chart. Perhaps she’s less focused on a particular area in her life now and more of an “all-rounder” now due to life.

In the progressed chart, there’s an aspect that’s not found in the natal chart: Sun trine Saturn. She may find it easy to work hard, focus and concentrate to work on what she finds pleasurable. It’s almost as if she feels that her life direction and source of vitality is to accomplish and to reach the top of Mount Everest. She might do so by being absolutely clear of her talents and self-worth.

Another aspect that’s not found in the natal chart is Moon square Uranus. Impatience comes to my mind immediately. A feeling of wanting a radical change asap. Both progressed Uranus and Saturn above are in the natal 5th house. Self-identity is the theme here. Amelia wants to be somebody, to puff up her chest and draw attention to herself.

The easy natal trine between Moon and Venus is now a sesquiquadrate in the progressed chart. Relating to people generously, warmly may cause her some frustration and tension now. Progressed Moon and Venus are in the 8th and 12th natal house respectively. Death and surgeries in hospitals might be a source of inner conflict for her. She is advised to be patience and keep at it before she can move forward.

Mercury and Venus are in semi-sextile. Natally, they make a conjunction. She might feel a sense of discconnect between her expectations of life and her relationships which is not usual for her. She may be aware that some adjustments are required but unsure of what to do. As progressed Venus is in the natal 12th, she may operate in a subtle, hidden way or feel alone in love. As Amelia is in the medical field, the 12th house can be taken to represent hospitals and illnesses. Her compassion and sensitivity for patients doesn’t gel with her thoughts currently.

Read Part 2 for a detailed look at the progressed chart compared against the natal chart.

Natal chart Amelia
Natal chart of Amelia
Progressed Chart
Progressed Chart of Amelia