Progressed Charts

Further explorations into secondary progressed charts. Some notes on Mr Allen who's about 36 years old: His progressed Ascendant is in Cancer which is ruled by Moon. Natally, Moon is in Aquarius in the 9th house and rules the 2nd house and Sun in Cancer in 2nd. This could suggest that his orientation towards the … Continue reading Progressed Charts


Progressed Balsamic Phase for Leonardo DiCaprio

Continuing from my investigations in the progressed balsamic phase, let's look at Leonardo's which was from May 2003 to Feb 2007. In Scorsese's The Aviator (2004), DiCaprio took on the challenge of playing one of America's most famous businessmen, receiving another Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of the eccentric and reclusive Howard Hughes. He underwent a severe … Continue reading Progressed Balsamic Phase for Leonardo DiCaprio

Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep

I'm intrigued to see how the balsamic phase "plays out" for people. Almost inevitably, most of my clients who's going through this phase do not enjoy it at all - they are used to doing and acting and it seems that letting go is the theme here. Those who don't mind it as much on … Continue reading Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep

Progressed Moon Trine Moon

Colin Hulk couldn't remember what "happened" within and without when his progressed Moon trined his natal Moon. There could be various reasons: Moon can be rather unconscious. When you have double unconscious energies, it becomes hmmm even more unconscious Trine aspect flows. Even if something "happened", the person might not be aware of it. Plus … Continue reading Progressed Moon Trine Moon

Progressed Moon in 11th

Hmmm, Ms Turner's progressed Moon entered the 11th in Dec 2016. She quit her job of 10 years. She felt that she's working towards her hopes and wishes. Interestingly, she volunteered for a charitable organisation recently. She has not been a member of a group for years. So it's interesting that her public self includes … Continue reading Progressed Moon in 11th

Returning to Your Roots

I chanced upon this article where an Irish nurse swapped her job to become a cheese maker. The headline of the piece is "Going Back to Her Roots - Swapping Nursing For Cheesemaking".  Suddenly, the astrological 4th house makes perfect sense. It's an eureka moment for me. The typical associations with the 4th house include … Continue reading Returning to Your Roots