Progressed Full Moon

I mentioned in an earlier post about the seeds that are planted during a progressed new Moon phase that are blossomed during the progressed full Moon phase. This principal hasn’t quite worked for me. It’s on my to-do list to consider. However, I can see it working for some clients of mine. E.g. Hugo has his progressed new Moon in Cancer and in the 8th … Continue reading Progressed Full Moon

Progressed Full Moon Phase

Up to now, I have always thought of the progressed full Moon phase as a culmination of one’s career which certainly applies to me and the majority of my clients. Recently, I had a client Arnott who certainly did not experience the culmination of his career or whatsoever. Instead, he started going to a counsellor for the first time in his life to explore his issues.   He explained that the time period of the progressed full Moon was a time of illumination. Which is brilliant as that’s a typical keyword used in astro texts. Incidentally, his natal Moon is in the 12th house.  Continue reading “Progressed Full Moon Phase”

Progressed Sun Changing Signs

Before yesterday, with the exception of one client, all clients who went through a change in sign of their progressed Sun experienced rather uncomfortable events and/or feelings during and after the lead up to the change of sign. The one client who had supposedly a “great” time was in his 50s where he begun to pursue his lifelong passion for art. In a way, I supposed he left his legal profession and there was a sort of ending for him as well. But, he’s the happiest client that I can remember who had a “positive” change in sign of his progressed Sun. Continue reading “Progressed Sun Changing Signs”

Progressed MC Ruler Changing Sign

A short note: Mary’s natal MC is in Taurus which makes Venus her MC ruler. Progressed Venus recently changed sign from Aries to Taurus. Using a 1 degree orb, she did feel that her career was more stabilized and predictable. Before the switch in sign, she was working on a freelance basis on her own which kind of fits into MC ruler in Aries sign. Continue reading Progressed MC Ruler Changing Sign

A Look at a Progressed Chart

Part 2 of a quick look at a progressed chart for a client of mine, Arena. Here’s the biwheel where the inner wheel is the natal chart. Progressed Ascendant It changed sign to Scorpio about 4+ years ago. Arena’s natural tendency is to approach the world with co-operation, beauty and harmony, effectively the quality of “nice”. With the switch in sign, there’s an overlay of … Continue reading A Look at a Progressed Chart