Progressed Moon Trine 7th

Certainly, progressed Moon sextiles the ASC at the same time as well. On this day, Jane had a wonderful day out. She enjoyed herself and took some photos. She was contacted by a romantic interest of hers after a hiatus of months. Both the ASC and DSC were disposed by planets located in the 5th house. Continue reading Progressed Moon Trine 7th

Moon Conjunct Saturn – Synastry

I was looking at the interchart aspect and saw two conjunction involving the nodes. There’s karma involved and it’s kind of act as glue in the relationship. Apparently, according to Lois Sargent, Moon conjunct Saturn interaspect is like a bonding agent too. Despite the difficulties and challenges in the relationship, the client and her husband continued to be married for over 30 years. Continue reading Moon Conjunct Saturn – Synastry

Increase Your Chances of Finding Love

Astrology is supposed to make life better, well at least to me anyway. So, practically speaking, how can we use astrology to increase your chances of finding love? Assuming your natal chart does not deny love or relationship, I think love searches or the first few meetings with dates should be conducted when: It’s between a new Moon and full Moon Avoid the first 24 hours … Continue reading Increase Your Chances of Finding Love

Radical Houses in Consultation Charts

Time and time again, I have found that it’s better to not to turn the chart unless there’s an absolute need to. For example, I had seen the following: The 7th ruler is approaching combustion. Both the 7th ruler and the Sun are in the 8th The 7th ruler is under the Sun beams. Both the 7th ruler and the Sun are in the 8th In … Continue reading Radical Houses in Consultation Charts

Who Loves Who More?

The 1st and 7th ruler symbolizes the querent and quesited. William Lilly would look at the faster moving ruler as the person who has keener affections than the person that is represented by the slower moving planet. I was doing a love reading. There’s no connection between the 1st and 7th ruler, even after considering translation, collection, etc. And then, I saw the Moon going towards … Continue reading Who Loves Who More?

Is He or She Single?

My rephrasing based on William Lilly’s Christian Astrology, page 316 under the header “Has she a Lover”. Initially, I took that to mean whether your existing partner has a lover other than you. After much thought, I think this section is on whether a person is single or attached but not married. I imagine this is something that people, especially men, asked astrologers when they are seeking partnership although I stand corrected.

Continue reading “Is He or She Single?”