He Turns Me On

This is for a gay couple who broke up eventually. I do wonder whether you look at Mars-Mars interaspect for a male gay couple and Venus-Venus or Venus-Mars for a lesbian couple.

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Moon Transiting in 7th

Close Personal Relationships Your focus, conscious or not, is on close personal relationships. You respond and react to them, perhaps emotionally. Your emotional style depends on the Moon in your natal chart. If the Moon is in an air sign, you are likely to react and emote in a thinking manner. Your sense of security and comfort may come from significant one-to-one interactions. You may … Continue reading Moon Transiting in 7th

Is there Sexual Attraction?

I don’t have the birth time for both persons. So, I wouldn’t be able to see whether the ASC of a person is in the same sign of a personal planet of the other person. Let’s look at attraction by considering the planets: A’s Moon conjunct B’s Sun by sign A’s Venus squares B’s Mars. There’s strong physical attraction but there might be friction involved … Continue reading Is there Sexual Attraction?

Horary: Will We be Back Together?

I was expecting the client to show up at 5.15pm but was waylaid by an unexpected walk-in. The client contacted me last year regarding a question about her ex-partner and whether they would be back together. I vaguely remembered that it was void of course (?) and told her that the cosmos isn’t giving me a clear answer and it’s best for her to reach out to me another time. I could have given her a straight answer that time and said that nothing would come out of the relationship but I didn’t for a host of other reasons. Continue reading “Horary: Will We be Back Together?”

Mars transiting in 7th

A close-ended interpretation of Mars transiting in 7th is arguments and quarrels with your husband or wife. That’s certainly a possible manifestation of Mars transiting in 7th. It would be amazing if that’s all to it. Unfortunately, modern psychological astrology doesn’t quite work like that. For example, it dawned on me today that the reason why I have been feeling drained after astrological consultations is … Continue reading Mars transiting in 7th