Venus-Saturn – Synastry

I had a couple who has among various other testing aspects, a Saturn square Venus inter-aspect which is rather tight. On first sight, it's controlling love which resonates with the woman who has the Venus: "He's controlling all right." There was another inter-aspect - Saturn conjunct Mars where the woman has the Mars. Thinking fatalistically, … Continue reading Venus-Saturn – Synastry


Pluto-Venus Transit

Note: This post focuses on relationships. Pluto uncovers what is buried. Venus represents love, relationship, aesthetic taste or even art, among many other significators (e.g. female characters, beauty, beauty things). So a Pluto-Venus transit may uncover what has been buried in a relationship, especially any sources of unhappiness that relates to the relationship. Uncovering of … Continue reading Pluto-Venus Transit

Pluto-Sun Hard Aspects in Synastry

Pluto represents transformation. Sun can represent life direction and the conscious self. When there's a square, opposition or conjunction between Pluto and Sun in a synastry comparison, it seems like Pluto-person is trying to transform the Sun-person in terms of  his/her entire being, life direction and life purpose as well. The Sun represents the hero's … Continue reading Pluto-Sun Hard Aspects in Synastry