Why Am I Not Gritty?

I talked to my sister just now. She was saying "Bro, you have to be more gritty." Gritty? A lightbulb moment came over to me. I read about the concept of grit some months ago and thought that it's an recently repackaged word for perseverance and determination unless I'm missing the fine print. I suppose … Continue reading Why Am I Not Gritty?


Chiron in Scorpio

In my previous post on Understanding Chiron, I described my personal thoughts on the life cycle of a magical wound. Let's apply that life cycle to Chiron in Scorpio.  What are some of the keywords associated with Scorpio (see note 1)? Transformation, renewal, destruction including birth and death, major changes Interdependence including sexuality, emotional intimacy, … Continue reading Chiron in Scorpio

Understanding Chiron

My relationship with the asteroid or mini planet Chiron is ever evolving albeit very slowly. Chiron is commonly known as the wounded healer. I think the analogy of a wound helps me very much in interpreting Chiron's placement in the different signs and houses.  Let's think about the life cycle of a wound. Firstly, how … Continue reading Understanding Chiron

The Cautious Parts of Us

I have a client who's thinking of leaving employment and setting up his own business. Transiting Neptune is conjuncting the cusp of his second house in this month or so. I gently cautioned him that his personal finances might not be stable for next few years and whether he has savings to buffer him through … Continue reading The Cautious Parts of Us

Which Foreign Languages to Learn?

Here's another perspective on which foreign language(s) to learn: learn the ones which bring you the most potential for love, fame, inner peace and all-round improvement in your life! There's this astrological technique called AstroCartoGraphy where by relocating to another place, you change your life. For example, you want fame in your profession. Move to … Continue reading Which Foreign Languages to Learn?

For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another. Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following? being healthy, having a body of your … Continue reading For Late Bloomers

Realising One’s Individuality

In my post "But That's Me!", I talked about the importance of looking at the natal chart when interpreting transits (the same goes for progressions and solar returns as well). Here's an example to further illustrate the point: let's say you have a Sun trine Uranus in your natal chart. You are likely to be … Continue reading Realising One’s Individuality

I’m Always Late!

It just occurred to me that people who are late might have a Jupiter - Saturn aspect in their natal chart, just like me. Saturn = time while Jupiter = expansion and optimism. I almost always underestimate the time required to do something. For instance, getting to town usually takes 1.5 hours realistically. But I … Continue reading I’m Always Late!