I sympathize greatly with those with Sun-Chiron aspect, especially Sun conjunct Chiron. I have seen at least two people with Sun conjunct Chiron natally. The two that I have met don’t “shine”. They seemed hurt or injured. They don’t have good experiences with their father. Probably because their fathers were hurt.

Certainly, there are other interpretations. A person with Sun-Chiron could overcompensate by desiring to SHINE big time. Often times, people with Sun-Chiron aspect natally aren’t encouraged to express their individuality, creativity or just be themselves especially when they were young. Consequently, when they grow up, they either restrain themselves or they want to be somebody VIP and clamours for attention.

There are certainly many other manifestations. But that’s for another day.




The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili

I watched the movie “The Danish Girl” (2005) just now. It’s a difficult movie to watch as my world views are challenged and the movie forced me to think through them. For those who have not heard of the movie, it’s about a male and female artist who were married. The husband named Einar / Lili came out as a transgender woman to the wife named Gerda who supported her throughout her journey and transition to a woman.Read More »

Why Am I Not Gritty?

I talked to my sister just now. She was saying “Bro, you have to be more gritty.” Gritty? A lightbulb moment came over to me. I read about the concept of grit some months ago and thought that it’s an recently repackaged word for perseverance and determination unless I’m missing the fine print. I suppose “grit” does sound way cooler than “perseverance” and “determination”.

Why is my sister talking about grit now? Apparently, she’s reading about grit from this social app where the app participants are talking about the importance of grit in success, etc. Oh deary me. My baby sister is giving me a prep talk on perseverance and determination – grit! Well done she!

I took a walk in the living room and just suddenly thought of modality in astrology and grit. I suppose there seem to be an association between fixity in a natal chart and grit. A person with a dominance of fixity in his/her chart would have a high number of personal and social planets, the Ascendant and the Midheaven in fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Apparently, the gritter a person is, the higher the likelihood of success for the person. I will be curious whether the person that’s higher in fixity in their natal chart, especially with t-squares and grand crosses are more “successful” in their lives. Maybe – the more fixed a person is, the less likely he/she is likely to start new projects. Which means the more focused and concentrated the person’s energies and efforts are at something. If we apply the now dysfunctional 10,000 rule of excellence, it stands to reason that the “fixed” person is more likely than cardinal or mutable types to be expert or masters at something, thereby earning them success.

What do you think?


Manly Women and Girly Men

I was watching the TV series “The Restaurant” where celebrities are invited to head up a kitchen and cook for diners and food critics. The identity of the celebrity for each episode is not revealed to everyone until the very end of the show. During the course of the dinner, you can hear different people in the restaurant guessing, for a start, the gender of the celebrity and some go on to hazard a guess at the real identity of him/her.

What’s especially interesting to me is that the diners seem to make assumption about the gender of the celebrity chef based on the menu. Apparently, for this episode, most of the diners think that the chef is a man because of these dishes:

  • starters: poached egg on asparagus served with hollandaise sauce & pâté served with sour dough bread and chutney
  • mains: venison & lobster linguine
  • desserts: chocolate brandy & custard tart

I don’t get how the majority of the Irish diners associate the above menu with a man. Or in the first place, the association of certain food to a person’s gender. Isn’t that some stereotypical thinking at work?

Which also made me think of masculinity and femininity which are represented by Mars and Venus respectively. And also to some extent, the Sun and Moon respectively. The idea that both concepts are social constructs has been presented to me recently. I have never really thought about that before. But the more I think about it, the more I realise the validity to the notion.

For example, “a man doesn’t wear a skirt”. Except the Scots with their kilts. Except the Asian men with their sarongs. I wonder how did the unspoken rule came about? Who makes the rules as to whether it’s acceptable for a men to wear a skirt? The answer: society. In other words, masculinity i.e. the notion of what a man is is primarily determined by society. This shouldn’t be a surprise to us. But for those who have problems with not fitting into society’s definition of what a man or woman should be, why not be comfortable with your own version of masculinity, femininity or for some of you, gender fluidity?

Oh yes, the celebrity for tonight’s episode is state pathologist of Ireland, Marie Cassidy, a woman.


How do You Recharge Yourself?

When you had a shitty day and feel absolutely drained, devoid of vitality, what is the quickest way for you to be up and running again? Or worse still, you had the worst morning ever and there’s an afternoon left where you need to work. What do you do to recharge yourself?

For me, it’s banging on the piano or screeching on the violin. 10-15 minutes of that and I’m almost ready to go. I have tried other ways – binging on crappy food, going for long walks, meditation, qi gong, tai chi but they are not as effective and efficient as the actual playing of a musical instrument.

I wonder whether we can discover quicker and better ways to recharge ourselves using astrology. According to famed astrologer Arroyo, it seems that the element of the natal Sun provides a clue as to how we deplete and recharge our energy. Personally, I haven’t found consistent results based on his suggestion. Currently, I’m leaning towards the idea that we recharge by doing activities associated with our dominant element(s) and sign(s) i.e. by considering the element/sign of our personal and social planets, our Ascendant and Midheaven.


The Cautious Parts of Us

I have a client who’s thinking of leaving employment and setting up his own business. Transiting Neptune is conjuncting the cusp of his second house in this month or so. I gently cautioned him that his personal finances might not be stable for next few years and whether he has savings to buffer him through the first few years if he decides to be an entrepreneur? He said no. I then talked about the virtues of being frugal especially for new business owners, me being one and from my background as an accountant.

He asked whether his chart says that he’s not conversative with money as he think he is although he invests a fair bit on education. I had a second look. His second house is ruled by Saturn which is in the 9th house. Oh oh. I told him that he’s generally cautious with money and yes, his major expenditure would be on items that expand the horizons of his mind, etc.

We then talked about his relationships. His Descendant ruler is conjunct by Neptune and I talked about the possibility of him being too giving and sacrificial in relationships. That is until I saw that the DSC ruler is squared by Saturn (which is incidentally the focal planet of a T-square). Oophs. Here’s Saturn again. And by the way, his ascendant is Capricorn and chart ruler is Capricorn. Essentially, his general approach to life is to be cautious, responsible.

Lessons relearnt and to be drilled into me:

  1. Start with the basics before delving into the specifics of a person’s life. What are the trinities of a person i.e. Ascendant & chart ruler, Sun and Moon?
  2. For forecasting, it is essential and crucial to describe a person’s attitudes towards an area of his/her life at the start of a reading, however briefly that may be.
  3.  Which houses and planets are ruled or disposed by Saturn? This shows Saturn’s influence on those areas of life and parts of personality.


Which Foreign Languages to Learn?

Here’s another perspective on which foreign language(s) to learn: learn the ones which bring you the most potential for love, fame, inner peace and all-round improvement in your life!

There’s this astrological technique called AstroCartoGraphy where by relocating to another place, you change your life. For example, you want fame in your profession. Move to a place which sits on your say “Sun MC line” e.g. Beijing in China. What if you can’t relocate to Beijing for whatever reason? Based on my experience, it seems to me that interacting with people from or near the place i.e. Beijing or doing business in or near to Beijing would also boost your reputation. So, if you would like to up your fame, you might consider learning Mandarin.

Well, that’s the general concept although in practice, there are more factors to consider before you enroll for that Mandarin class. There could be different parts of our psyche that promote or inhibit us from shining and thereby gaining the recognition and fame that we seek. For those bits that inhibit us from expressing our self-identity and shine brightly, unless we have consciously worked to integrate them within us, they will continue to have their effect on us regardless where we go, do or speak. So, yeah, go learn Mandarin and also do some work on yourself to maximise your chances of fame in the whole wide world.

On the other hand though, if you can devote the energy and time to learn a foreign language, why not use that on yourself, to work through the kinks within you? When you have done that (although being whole could take a few lifetimes), it could be the case where you decide that there’s no real need to learn a foreign language anymore.

For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another.

Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following?

  • being healthy, having a body of your desire
  • profession, career, social standing
  • romantic and business relationships
  • home, family, settling down, parents
  • finances, self-esteem, developing your strengths and talents
  • self-identity, self-expression, having kids, creativity, all things fun
  • friends and social groups, your hopes and dreams
  • communication, thinking, networking
  • education, beliefs, spirituality
  • recovering from an illness, effective daily (work) routine
  • your partner’s finances, emotional intimacy

I don’t know about you. But I feel that my school and university peers are way ahead of me in many of the above areas (FYI- in eight areas). And no, I am not putting myself down or being too hard on myself.

Call it fate, destiny or whatever you want. Wherever the planet Saturn makes a contact in our natal chart is the area of life where progress may be delayed. Look for:

  • the house containing Saturn
  • the houses ruled or co-ruled by Saturn i.e. the house with Capricorn and Aquarius on the cusp
  • the planets aspected by Saturn and the houses ruled or co-ruled by these planets

The delay could be due to a variety of reasons: fear, insecurity, limits imposed by self, family, society or events that are beyond our control, etc. Usually time is the antidote. That is assuming that with time comes experience, maturity, patience, skill, discipline, hard work, all of which lead to accomplishment. And that is the treasure of Saturn, to be accomplished and masters of something.

I know we didn’t choose this slow and tough life. Actually, we didn’t choose a lot of things too (unless you are from the karma school of thought) – our nationality, gender, the colour of our skin, eyes, sexual orientation, the freak accidents that happen to us, and many other things.

But you know what? We can choose our attitude to it. Hang on my tortortise friend. It gets better with time. It gets better.