I sympathize greatly with those with Sun-Chiron aspect, especially Sun conjunct Chiron. I have seen at least two people with Sun conjunct Chiron natally. The two that I have met don’t “shine”. They seemed hurt or injured. They don’t have good experiences with their father. Probably because their fathers were hurt. Certainly, there are other interpretations. A person with Sun-Chiron could overcompensate by desiring to … Continue reading Sun-Chiron

The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili

I watched the movie “The Danish Girl” (2005) just now. It’s a difficult movie to watch as my world views are challenged and the movie forced me to think through them. For those who have not heard of the movie, it’s about a male and female artist who were married. The husband named Einar / Lili came out as a transgender woman to the wife named Gerda who supported her throughout her journey and transition to a woman. Continue reading “The Danish Girl – A Look at Lili”

Why Am I Not Gritty?

I talked to my sister just now. She was saying “Bro, you have to be more gritty.” Gritty? A lightbulb moment came over to me. I read about the concept of grit some months ago and thought that it’s an recently repackaged word for perseverance and determination unless I’m missing the fine print. I suppose “grit” does sound way cooler than “perseverance” and “determination”. Why … Continue reading Why Am I Not Gritty?

Which Foreign Languages to Learn?

Here’s another perspective on which foreign language(s) to learn: learn the ones which bring you the most potential for love, fame, inner peace and all-round improvement in your life! There’s this astrological technique called AstroCartoGraphy where by relocating to another place, you change your life. For example, you want fame in your profession. Move to a place which sits on your say “Sun MC line” … Continue reading Which Foreign Languages to Learn?

For Late Bloomers

This post is for the (potential) late bloomers or people who felt left behind in life in one way or another. Have you ever wondered why others are way ahead of you or seem to be doing better than you when it comes to any of the following? being healthy, having a body of your desire profession, career, social standing romantic and business relationships home, … Continue reading For Late Bloomers