Venus/Mar in Leo – Back Fetish

I wrote a piece on knee fetish. And it occurred to me - why not search for the seemingly improbable? Even if I'm not into something doesn't mean that it's not hot for someone else. I decided to explore the back, especially the upper back and shoulders this time, which are represented by Leo. So … Continue reading Venus/Mar in Leo – Back Fetish


Venus/Mars in Capricorn – a Knee Fetish?

This post contains adult material. Proceed when you are of legal age in your country. Venus and/or Mars can represent sex and what turns us on. Capricorn represents control, discipline and the knees.  I have been hypothesizing that Venus/Mars in Capricorn may translate into a knee fetish. But based on informal surveys and rational thinking … Continue reading Venus/Mars in Capricorn – a Knee Fetish?

Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

I wonder whether a man with Mars-Moon aspect or a woman with Venus-Moon (and perhaps even Mars-Moon) likes to wank off daily? Or it could be a man with Mars in Cancer and a Venus in Cancer (and Mars in Cancer) for the lasses.  Reason being the Moon represents our unconscious self, our daily habits … Continue reading Instinctive Sex Drive / Mars-Moon & Venus-Moon

What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

I have always found the role of Venus and Mars in heterosexual and homosexual men and women confusing. What follows are my thoughts on the subject which is a work in progress. Amongst many things, Venus and Mars represent the femininity and the masculinity principle respectively. The key is to know: the principle a person … Continue reading What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

Shall I Break Up With Her?

Senor Patisserie said that he's thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend, Madame Avoca. He doesn't know where this relationship is heading to and because of his previous divorce, he's shy of relationships. [he has a Venus-Saturn aspect natally which can translate into a desire for definition and clarity in a relationship a.k.a. he wants to … Continue reading Shall I Break Up With Her?