Is Nikola Tesla Gay?

I was doing some poking around asexual celebrities. thetalko claims that Nikola Tesla is asexual. Okay, let’s look at his Mars and Venus. Mars is in Libra. It is in its sign of  debilitation. Mars quincunx Neptune. As I know, whenever Neptune is involved with a man’s Mars, his sexuality is never quite what it seems. Is he gay? According to Quarto Knows, yes: While … Continue reading Is Nikola Tesla Gay?

Is there Sexual Attraction?

I don’t have the birth time for both persons. So, I wouldn’t be able to see whether the ASC of a person is in the same sign of a personal planet of the other person. Let’s look at attraction by considering the planets: A’s Moon conjunct B’s Sun by sign A’s Venus squares B’s Mars. There’s strong physical attraction but there might be friction involved … Continue reading Is there Sexual Attraction?