He Turns Me On

This is for a gay couple who broke up eventually. I do wonder whether you look at Mars-Mars interaspect for a male gay couple and Venus-Venus or Venus-Mars for a lesbian couple.

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Turned On By My Husband

Nowadays, when a client tells me that they are turned on by someone, or as if a person flips on a switch within them, I look for Uranus in the interaspects chart. And almost always, Uranus is at work. I have seen it so many times! If not, it’s usually down to a tight aspect between Venus and Mars. Continue reading “Turned On By My Husband”

Is there Sexual Attraction?

I don’t have the birth time for both persons. So, I wouldn’t be able to see whether the ASC of a person is in the same sign of a personal planet of the other person. Let’s look at attraction by considering the planets: A’s Moon conjunct B’s Sun by sign A’s Venus squares B’s Mars. There’s strong physical attraction but there might be friction involved … Continue reading Is there Sexual Attraction?

Chart Ruler in 5th

A client had his chart ruler, Saturn, in the 5th. He’s a teacher for young kids. He’s big time into partying and into sex. Oh, his Moon is on the cusp of the 5th house too, which certainly emphasizes 5th house themes. He’s certainly very expressive based on the words used by him – for example, I’m HORNY!!!!! (yes, he used five exclamations and spelt … Continue reading Chart Ruler in 5th