Directed Mars Conjunct 3rd Cusp

The day when d.Mars conjunct natal 3rd house cusp under the Placidus house system, there’s a flurry of activities relating to 3rd house matters for Dominic: He did plenty of writing of a book He went for a networking event Interestingly, Mars rules the 6th (work routine) and co-rules the 11th houses (friends, groups and hopes and wishes) in his natal chart. Continue reading Directed Mars Conjunct 3rd Cusp

d.MA square SU/MO midpoint

Based on COSI, Mars = Sun / Moon is “the urge to bring to fruition ideals and wishes, sexual attraction between husband and wife, desire for children. The urge to marry, the realization of joint objectives, sex-union, marriage.” Hmmm, Mark couldn’t relate to any of the interpretations above. It got me thinking. His Neptune is the only natal planet that falls on SU/MO. It makes … Continue reading d.MA square SU/MO midpoint