Making Use of the Sun

Let's use the Sun to plan every year of our life.  First thing first, where's the Sun in our birth chart? Say it's in the 2nd for Mr Forbes. His life direction, life journey revolves around his personal resources and values. Assuming his whole life is structured about that, what does Mr Forbes do each year … Continue reading Making Use of the Sun


Jupiter on Ascendent – Solar Returns

This has been a "tough" year. Certainly, transiting Uranus square Sun has a lot to do with it. But, I reckon it's to do with Jupiter smacked on my solar return Ascendant. You may think that's strange. Jupiter is expansive, it's forward looking, it's optimism, it's a sense of well-being, opportunities, etc. The thing is: … Continue reading Jupiter on Ascendent – Solar Returns

Transformation in Which Values?

I'm looking at Ms Monroe's solar return chart for the year. Pluto conjuncts the 2nd house cusp rather tightly. I mentioned to Ms Monroe that there's possible a change in her values. And because of a change in her values, a corresponding change in her personal finances or source of security. She asked "What do … Continue reading Transformation in Which Values?

Sun in 9th House – Solar Returns

9th house represents overseas travelling, holidays, higher education, studies, church, publishing. That's the concrete interpretations of the 9th house. How about a psychological or archetypal interpretation of the 9th house? 9th house represents our beliefs, our philosophy of life. When the Sun is in the 9th house, perhaps our beliefs, life philosophy are illuminated as … Continue reading Sun in 9th House – Solar Returns

Context of a Person and the 7th House

Context, context, context. Remember the context of the client that you are doing a reading for. For example, a client asked about her child - whether there's anything to take note of. Well, Pluto ruled her child's turned 11th house. Hopes and wishes don't seem appropriate for a child so I suggested that maybe there's … Continue reading Context of a Person and the 7th House