Oh, I Made Some Money Today

Mars is in my solar return 2nd house. When transiting Sun passed over it, I had one client on the day of the aspect and another one on the next day. What’s fascinating is that the client on the 2nd day has a Sun conjunct Mars! For a more comprehensive interpretation, it could be: Mars rules Jupiter in 11th, 4th, and Chiron in 3rd – … Continue reading Oh, I Made Some Money Today

Transiting Sun Conjunct 2nd House Cusp in Solar Return

Some observations based on the Placidus house system: Two days before the aspect I did an astrology session and had an inquiry that translated into a booking. One day before the aspect I had an inquiry that translated into a booking. The day of the aspect I had an inquiry who said that he needed to save up. Two days after the aspect I had … Continue reading Transiting Sun Conjunct 2nd House Cusp in Solar Return

Timing Technique in Solar Returns

I had numerous client consultations on Sunday. I was looking at my transits, progressions, directions and couldn’t find anything to account for it. And then, I saw that transiting Sun conjunct Jupiter in my solar return the next day. Jupiter – the planet of expansion and abundance! Jupiter rules the 10th and 7th in my natal chart. Ah ha! The timing is off by one … Continue reading Timing Technique in Solar Returns

Another Look at Solar Returns

I had a client whose Sun is in the 8th house of his solar return. The only aspect made by the Sun is a square to the MC. So, we know that his career/future is subject to some form of transformation or at least deep and penetrative feelings and thoughts. Given that the client’s natal Sun is in the 2nd house, the transformation and/or feelings are probably due to the client’s sense of vitality from his personal resources including money. Continue reading “Another Look at Solar Returns”

Solar Return – Sun Transits

A less reliable timing technique for solar returns is to note the conjunction of Sun transits on solar return planets/points. Here’s a quick look at this technique based on some transits: t.SU con Vertex(8). Harry can’t remember any fated encounters. t.SU con North Node (8) which is disposed by the Sun in 8th. Harry can’t remember any fated encounters or growth event/person. Or anything remotely … Continue reading Solar Return – Sun Transits

Sun in 7th – Solar Return

I was looking at a solar return of a client for this year. Let’s call her Margaret. The Sun is smacked on the 7th. I said to Margaret that relationships would be a big focus for her this year. She had a puzzled look on her face. I ventured further. There could be quite a lot of communication with your husband as Mercury is next to the Sun. Mercury rules the 5th so there could be communication or thoughts about children. Continue reading “Sun in 7th – Solar Return”

Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

The ideas are extracted and based on Donna Cunningham‘s Making Yourself a Birthday Essence at the Solar Return. This magic portion (all right, it’s not magic per se but you get the idea) helps you to take advantage of the opportunities in the solar year and strengthens you against the challenges. Here’s the suggested steps to making the potion: Print out a copy of your … Continue reading Let’s Make a Magic Potion!

A Case of Cosmic Whinging

Life is unfair, whines I. The Pluto in last year’s solar return conjunct the natal Ascendant. It was an uncomfortable year for sure. Fleeting moments of depression or extreme moodiness sunk in during the solar year. But there was huge transformations as well. I know the word transformation is overused but it’s true. I passed a piano diploma exam which was a big deal for … Continue reading A Case of Cosmic Whinging

Predicting Death in a Family

A client told me that her cousin passed away this week. She’s actually relieved at his death as he was unwell for many years. The transit that seems “responsible” for the death is Saturn square Uranus-Jupiter which kicked in from January 2018, climaxes in July-August and ends in November 2018, depending on what orbs you use. What does Saturn rule in Betty’s chart? It rules … Continue reading Predicting Death in a Family