Sun Square Saturn – Synastry

Today, I had another client who had a Sun square Saturn aspect with her husband. They have been together for over 30 years despite challenges and difficulties – that’s probably due to nodal conjunctions and Moon conjunct Saturn. It reinforces the concept that Sun square Saturn is very tough when it comes to marriages or long-term relationships. Continue reading Sun Square Saturn – Synastry

Moon Conjunct Saturn – Synastry

I was looking at the interchart aspect and saw two conjunction involving the nodes. There’s karma involved and it’s kind of act as glue in the relationship. Apparently, according to Lois Sargent, Moon conjunct Saturn interaspect is like a bonding agent too. Despite the difficulties and challenges in the relationship, the client and her husband continued to be married for over 30 years. Continue reading Moon Conjunct Saturn – Synastry

Is there Sexual Attraction?

I don’t have the birth time for both persons. So, I wouldn’t be able to see whether the ASC of a person is in the same sign of a personal planet of the other person. Let’s look at attraction by considering the planets: A’s Moon conjunct B’s Sun by sign A’s Venus squares B’s Mars. There’s strong physical attraction but there might be friction involved … Continue reading Is there Sexual Attraction?

Mercury Squares Saturn Synastry

Overall: There’s cautiousness in communication or thoughts. Sense of material security, safety and conservatism may colour thoughts and learning style. At its worst, there could be a fear or blockage when it comes to connecting mentally with each other. Like a headmaster and a student. One on one: Saturn has a stronger effect on Mercury than the other way around. Mercury might feel that his … Continue reading Mercury Squares Saturn Synastry

Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry

The two “sex” or love planets are together. Overall: What do you get when you put two love or sex planet together? Very probably, there’s romantic and sexual attraction! What does that really mean? There’s a physical desire for each other. There’s love and affection towards each other. According to Lois Sargent, there is a degree of impetuousness, jealousy and emotional exccesses involved in the … Continue reading Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry