Hexagram 47

Hexagram 47 is on oppression, exhaustion. This reminds me of 10 Wands and possibly 5 Pentacles.



Hexagram 43

Question: Should Mr Life apply for the licence for his business?

Insight: Hexagram 43, with 1st, 5th and 6th changing line, transformed into hexagram 50.

Hexagram 43 – heaven at the bottom and lake/mist at the top. Huge “rain” clouds is in the sky, ready to burst into rain anytime. You need to act decisively to explode it, to rid it. That’s why hexagram 43 comprise 5 yang lines from the bottom and a yin line at the very top. The yang forces are taking over and there’s one yin line left. The 5th line needs to act decisively and purge the 6th yin line out of the way.

The reality is that Mr Life has been thinking of getting the licence for months. But the high cost of it along with the regulatory requirements after obtaining it are expected to be very onerous. So, hexagram 43 might describe him making a resolute decision.

Changing 1st: I like what Huang has translated “Going forward, unable to compete. Instead becomes a fault.” Indeed, Mr Life hopes to compete with other suppliers once he obtains the licence. Wilhelm translates it as “When one goes and is not equal to the task, one makes a mistake.”

Changing 5th: Wilhelm translates it as “In dealing with weeds, firm resolution is necesssary. Walking in the middle remains free of blame.” Now this is interesting, is there a middle path that is available to Mr Life. Surely obtaining the licence is the extreme path.

Changing 6th: Huang translates it as “Howling, no response.” There’s an interesting translation as the original Mandarin could, I suppose, be interpreted as “Nothing” and “Howling”. And from “nothing” to “No response” although I’m not sure if it’s too much of a stretch. Intuitively, Mr Life feels that his application for the licence might not be successful and actually be disregarded. Hence, the validity of “no response”. Or it could mean that he needs to exclaim and make a big deal out of everything to get his way.

All in all, it seems like the insight is no go for the licence, especially when an emphasis is placed on the middle changing life i.e. 5th. Mr Life will explore what the middle path might mean to him.


A card is selected for affirmation of the above insight. The question asked was “Is it advisable to apply for the licence from now until the end of next year?” The Tower came out while shuffling the cards. Upheaval, a mess, chaos. Hmmm. I nevertheless proceeded to pick a card for Mr Life. King of Cups showed. Pisces. Which matches Mr Life’s Midheaven and his Sun sign. Go with the flow. Go with his intuition. What’s the red ship sailing in the choppy waters behind the King? Interestingly, the King of cups is firmly grounded in the choppy, rough waters.



9 Cups Tarot

9 Cups tarot

Key Phases

Proud, confidence, cheerfulness. Could be smug. A wealthy merchant and poet. All achievements and accolades on display. Receiving recognition. You have something that you can be proud of to show for it. The support that you have is prestigious, elegant and numerous. Very comfortable with his feelings, sensitivity which is expansive and fulfilling. Energizes one’s mental faculty. In a prestigious position (red fancy hat which I associate with the academic hats that professors and graduates wear). Down to earth and practical, functional (the wooden bench and the brown shoes). Spirituality is enhanced (red socks represent energy and they cover the feet which represents spiritual growth). In a good position in life. Entices others to pay their respects to you.



The Devil Tarot

Devil Tarot

Key Phrases

Black magic, occult matters, dark matters, taboo matters. Giving power, a source of power. Obsession and compulsion with something. Being in touch with your psyche, the animalistic and carnal side of us. Baring all and may feeling vulnerable. Desires of the flesh. Bondage and imprisonment with the potential to leave a situation if wanted to (the chains seem loose enough to slip over their heads). Proud of one’s body. Modelling. Prostitution. Sworning your allegiance to the dark lord.



4 Pentacles Tarot

4 pentacles tarot

Key phrases

Alone. Away from everyone else. Sitting on a throne of some sort but not really a throne – suggesting a desire to be top of his/her game but is halfway there. Holding tightly to money. Staying put in own position perhaps due to fear and anxious about getting out of comfort zone.  Burden by money. Money is the focus of his existence or placing excessive focus on material concerns. Money/material concerns presides over feelings, mind and spirituality.


Oh the glorious King of Pentacles!

*Warning: for full disclosure purposes, my NN is in Leo in 2nd house*

Personally, when I think of North Node in Leo in 2nd house (or some may also say North Node in Taurus in 5th house), I think of King of Pentacles … Ah, look at him. Such good quality and fine clothes he’s wearing. And look at that huge pentacles resting on his thigh. Such a understated yet clear symbol of his essence. And that solid marble fine glorious throne of his, with elaborate engraving and sculpturing of bulls. And the fine yellow sky, full of yang, fire energy. The King of Pentacles. I could go on and on about him. He’s my idol. My aspiration. My North Node.

What about you? What is your North Node and which tarot card would you choose to represent your north node? Do you resonate with the card that you have picked?