Should I Focus on the Guitar or Violin?

I think I’m an okay pianist (I teach piano). I have been itching to focus or specialise in another instrument. It’s either the guitar or the violin – Irish fiddle to be more specific. I tried to learn the guitar at least twice in the past. I remember buying two guitars, didn’t touch them and then sell them away. Maybe I will be third time … Continue reading Should I Focus on the Guitar or Violin?

Which Health Practitioner to Go to for Back Pain?

I have been having a sudden acute lower back pain since last Saturday. My movements were laced with pain. Even more painful than when I had appendicitis. I am of the belief that visiting the GP wouldn’t ‘work’. I would be prescribed painkillers and sent away. Therefore, I had in my mind some options: An acupuncturist whom my family has used various times. A physiotherapist … Continue reading Which Health Practitioner to Go to for Back Pain?

Hexagram 43

Question: Should Mr Life apply for the licence for his business? Insight: Hexagram 43, with 1st, 5th and 6th changing line, transformed into hexagram 50. Hexagram 43 – heaven at the bottom and lake/mist at the top. Huge “rain” clouds is in the sky, ready to burst into rain anytime. You need to act decisively to explode it, to rid it. That’s why hexagram 43 … Continue reading Hexagram 43

9 Cups Tarot

Key Phases Proud, confidence, cheerfulness. Could be smug. A wealthy merchant and poet. All achievements and accolades on display. Receiving recognition. You have something that you can be proud of to show for it. The support that you have is prestigious, elegant and numerous. Very comfortable with his feelings, sensitivity which is expansive and fulfilling. Energizes one’s mental faculty. In a prestigious position (red fancy … Continue reading 9 Cups Tarot