A Look at Alamak’s Career

The cusp of Alamak’s 10th house is in Pisces. So, it’s ruled by Jupiter according to traditional astrology. For the folks that uses modern psychology, Pisces is ruled by Neptune. For those who takes the middle path, Pisces is co-ruled by both Jupiter and Neptune. For simplicity, let’s say Alamak’s career is ruled by Jupiter. Based on my suspicions, Alamak’s professional and personal future are … Continue reading A Look at Alamak’s Career

Saturn Return

I thought there wasn’t anything significant during my Saturn return (c. 29.5 years old). In fact, I thought about it for 2 or 3 years over the past few years. That was until recently when I looked at the ephemeris, instead of the nice looking reports from Solar Fire.  Continue reading “Saturn Return”

Opportunities in Love

A client asked about opportunities in love. I examined Jupiter transits to the 7th ruler as there are no planets in his 7th. He did meet someone a few days before or after the perfection of the transit. I took a closer look. It wasn’t just the quincunx transit to the 7th ruler. Transiting Jupiter also squared the 5th ruler and sextiled the north node a few days i.e. one to three days to one another.  Continue reading “Opportunities in Love”

A Tale of Two Cities

I accidentally generated a solar return chart based on Lucan, a town in Dublin. Uranus will transit over SR Descendant on 1 May 2018. I spotted that and regenerated the SR chart correctly based on Cork where the client lives. Based on Cork, Uranus transits over SR Descendant on 25 September 2017 and 31 March 2018! What a great difference between the two timing! Granted … Continue reading A Tale of Two Cities