Never, Never, Never Give Up

七転び八起き / nanakorobi yaoki Fall down seven times, get up 8 times   Daruma, a Japanese Doll, that's associated with perseverance and never giving up. The tradition is set yourself a goal or resolution and draw in the left eye as a reminder of what you want to achieve. Imagine if you only had one … Continue reading Never, Never, Never Give Up


Saturn-Mercury Transit

More specifically, Saturn opposite Mercury transit.  Use any opposition towards his communication, thoughts or obstacles in learning to restructure any bits of them that aren't working for you so that you are accomplished in communication, possibly by being cautious, slow and focused in it. It's also an opportunity to concentrate on your studies, if any, … Continue reading Saturn-Mercury Transit


To be 100% honest, I don't have a 100% understanding of Dane Rudhyar's lunation cycle such that I can transport the principles to other transit cycles. What a delightful breath of enlightening air to read about the Dynamic Cycle Approach in Robert Hand's Planets in Transits!  I had the book for over two years. Some … Continue reading Cycles

Saturn Cycles

An exploratory post on Saturn cycles. Questions to be answered: What's Saturn cycles? Why might they be felt more keenly than other cycles? What are the ages involved in Saturn cycles? What's the difference between Saturn return, opposition, squares, sextiles and trines? What's the difference between a waxing and a waning aspect? What's the difference … Continue reading Saturn Cycles

What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 2

Understand the general opportunities available to you in 2018!  Check whether your date of birth falls within a group below: Group C: 15-22 Jan, 14-22 Apr, 17-25 Jul, 18-26 Oct; 13-21 Feb, 15-23 Jun, 17-25 Aug, 16-24 Dec Group D: 2-7 Mar, 2-7 Jun, 4-9 Sep, 3-8 Dec; 2-7 Jan, 2-7 May, 4-9 Nov, 3-8 Jul … Continue reading What’s in the Stars For You in 2018? – Part 2

Saturn Transiting in Sun Sign

I did an informal study, to use the term extremely loosely, recently. The study was to determine whether people go through a tough time when Saturn is transiting their Sun sign.  Respondents were sent an online message - see Table 1 below. There were 257 respondents which is a nice number although I'm not entirely … Continue reading Saturn Transiting in Sun Sign

Encounter with Mercurial People

I have been meeting three rather mercurial people as part of my work these few days. Two with Sun-Mercury conjunctions and one with Moon-Mercury conjunction. I doubt it's a coincidence. What's interesting is that I'm currently going through a Jupiter trine Mercury and Jupiter trine MC transit. Which makes me think that there's perhaps a … Continue reading Encounter with Mercurial People