Anatomy of a Transit

We know that outer planets can make multiple contacts with a natal planet or sensitive point. Consequently, the influence of an outer planet can last well over a year. The anatomy/life cycle of an outer planet transit is commonly described as: the first hit: preparation. This is setting the stage, the scene for the climax(es) … Continue reading Anatomy of a Transit

Uranus-Venus Transits

I have often thought of Uranus transits to natal Venus as the desire for freedom, change, the need to honour one's individuality, disruption, distance, speed in relationships, personal finances, personal values and/or aesthetic tastes. Certainly, the natal configuration of Uranus and Venus affects how a person may experience the transit. It just occurred to me … Continue reading Uranus-Venus Transits

Realising One’s Individuality

In my post "But That's Me!", I talked about the importance of looking at the natal chart when interpreting transits (the same goes for progressions and solar returns as well). Here's an example to further illustrate the point: let's say you have a Sun trine Uranus in your natal chart. You are likely to be … Continue reading Realising One’s Individuality