Moon Opposition Mars – Transits

Mars is in the first house of Wanda and rules her 11th (Aries) and 6th house (Scorpio). When Moon opposition Mars in a transit today, just before an hour of the exact perfection, Wanda was in contact with her Aries friend who was confiding in her inner experiences which have been intense. Interestingly, the 6th house is the friend’s turned 8th which certainly resonates with … Continue reading Moon Opposition Mars – Transits

Moon Transiting in 7th

Close Personal Relationships Your focus, conscious or not, is on close personal relationships. You respond and react to them, perhaps emotionally. Your emotional style depends on the Moon in your natal chart. If the Moon is in an air sign, you are likely to react and emote in a thinking manner. Your sense of security and comfort may come from significant one-to-one interactions. You may … Continue reading Moon Transiting in 7th

Saturn Transits and Progressions

I read parts of a book MageMother by Austin Bailey. It talks about the tests that a character in the book had to go through to prove herself worthy and trustable. The tests revolve around the character’s deepest fears. Reading those few pages reminded me of Saturn transits and progressions, especially hard ones. We encounter and are asked to confront our fears. It’s like a … Continue reading Saturn Transits and Progressions

Venus Transits

I have been looking at Venus transits, more specifically soft aspects – conjunctions, trines and sextiles today. Nothing of significance struck me on those days. I had expected money, possessions, pleasure, popularity, love affairs on those days. Nada. Nothing at all. Okay, except when transiting Venus conjunct my natal MC and transits in my natal 10th house – this seems to bring in a few clients which I’m thankful for. Continue reading “Venus Transits”