Fish Hooks All over my Back

See this post about a boat’s anchor stuck in my back. That was last week. This week, I ‘cleansed’ myself using the ‘white light’ technique again. Basically, I visualised sunlight flooding every pore of my body to cleanse myself of negative contacts, contracts and energy. This time, I was in a rude shock. I saw loads, tons of small fish hooks embedded in my back. … Continue reading Fish Hooks All over my Back

An Anchor Stuck in my Back

I was walking my dog one morning, or was it an evening? I did my ‘white light’ cleansing exercise – basically, it’s to imagine sunlight flooding every bit of me. The light cleanses any negative contracts, energies, contacts within me. Suddenly, I saw an anchor entrenched in my back in my mind’s eye. I was truly surprised. The first thought that crossed my mind was … Continue reading An Anchor Stuck in my Back

Need a Listening Ear Today (11 July)?

This is totally random. If you need a listening ear on anything, especially something tough you are going through, email me at or connect with me through Facebook. If you want, I could throw in a random perspective from astrology, tarot, feng shui, etc. My eyes/ears are free, no charges (subject to my time availability). Continue reading Need a Listening Ear Today (11 July)?

Remove Negative Energy, Fears (and Even Evil Spirits?)

I had 2 consecutive nights of nightmares where I dreamt that I was pursued by ghosts (I’m sure they are symbolic of my fears). I was praying in my dreams to be rid of them. I decided to google search for mantras/alternative prayers which may help with the dreams and came across “om vajrapana hum”. I listened to the pronunciation first and then practised saying … Continue reading Remove Negative Energy, Fears (and Even Evil Spirits?)

Closer to God After a Shoulder Stand (Yoga)

I’m a yoga noob although I have tried to practice yoga daily since last year. Just last Sunday, I tried the shoulder stand, reputedly dubbed as the queen of asanas (aka poses). I normally downplay myself and my life, which I still do. But for once and during one of these rare occasions, I actually felt proud of myself that I managed to do the … Continue reading Closer to God After a Shoulder Stand (Yoga)

Oh Gosh, I love the Discomfort and Pain

This is not a story of BDSM. I was thinking of the physical discomfort and possibly pain experienced by someone climbing or scaling a mountain. See photo below. I was thinking to myself today: what goes through the mind of a mountain climber as he scales a rocky mountain? Does he climb a mountain with no discomfort at all? In other words, as he’s climbing … Continue reading Oh Gosh, I love the Discomfort and Pain

Your Perceived Lack is What You Already Possess

The Tinman in the Wizard of Oz set out with Dorothy (and the Scarecrow and the Lion) to the Wizard to get a heart, presumably so that he can have feelings, emotions and perhaps to be tender hearted. Unknowingly, in the story, he already shows his “heart” through his actions and thoughts. Eventually the Wizard of Oz did give him a fake heart made of … Continue reading Your Perceived Lack is What You Already Possess

Stop the Rot

I was doing gardening for over three hours yesterday. Towards the end, I lifted the dragon tree that’s on the window still onto the floor. The leaves looked loopy. I gave them a very gentle tug and they came off from the tree. The branch that’s left didn’t look right. I touched it and water oozed out. The branch has rotted. I was slightly upset. … Continue reading Stop the Rot

Low Sex Drive

A client said that she hasn’t had sex with her husband for years. Her husband has Mars in the 12th house. Wow. Equally, she has Venus AND Mars in her 12th house. 12th house of hiddenness huh. Or there’s some unconscious psychological complex surrounding sex for her husband and her as well. His Mars rules the 8th and 3rd house. So, there’s may be some … Continue reading Low Sex Drive