Prediction Changed Over Time

Some of you may know that there’s a housing crisis in Ireland. There’s a shortage of properties and an excessive demand for them. Over a period of perhaps 1.5 years, I asked I Ching and the tarot perhaps three times on when should I purchase a property in Ireland. I can’t remember when I did the first reading and the outcome of it, but the … Continue reading Prediction Changed Over Time

I Feel Lost

I woke up at 5am. After wasting time on scrolling through Facebook posts mindlessly, I thought I could do with some insight. I pressed on the I Ching app on my phone and formulated my feelings – I feel lost. What should I do? (for readers with astrology knowledge, I’m currently going through a Neptune square Neptune transit, Pluto square Sun transit, etc). The message … Continue reading I Feel Lost

Need a Listening Ear Today (11 July)?

This is totally random. If you need a listening ear on anything, especially something tough you are going through, email me at or connect with me through Facebook. If you want, I could throw in a random perspective from astrology, tarot, feng shui, etc. My eyes/ears are free, no charges (subject to my time availability). Continue reading Need a Listening Ear Today (11 July)?

Remove Negative Energy, Fears (and Even Evil Spirits?)

I had 2 consecutive nights of nightmares where I dreamt that I was pursued by ghosts (I’m sure they are symbolic of my fears). I was praying in my dreams to be rid of them. I decided to google search for mantras/alternative prayers which may help with the dreams and came across “om vajrapana hum”. I listened to the pronunciation first and then practised saying … Continue reading Remove Negative Energy, Fears (and Even Evil Spirits?)

Closer to God After a Shoulder Stand (Yoga)

I’m a yoga noob although I have tried to practice yoga daily since last year. Just last Sunday, I tried the shoulder stand, reputedly dubbed as the queen of asanas (aka poses). I normally downplay myself and my life, which I still do. But for once and during one of these rare occasions, I actually felt proud of myself that I managed to do the … Continue reading Closer to God After a Shoulder Stand (Yoga)