Moon Conjunct 4th

I cast a consultation chart. Moon, the ruler of 7th, conjuncts the 4th tightly. Hmmm, some one, possibly the client’s partner, is significant to what the client is experiencing in her home, family, personal life. The client kept quiet throughout the consultation, unwilling to say anything. It was only during the second half of the consultation when the client shared with me that her husband is … Continue reading Moon Conjunct 4th

Rising Pluto in Solar Return

I had a client, Mr Stoker, who completed his Cancer treatments last year and he’s “clear”. His concern is whether there might be a remission for the next 5 years. I ought to have a horary chart for that as it seems to be deeply rooted question for him. But I didn’t for whatever reason. I looked at his solar return (SR) chart for the coming year. Continue reading “Rising Pluto in Solar Return”