Escape from Sun in 8th Solar Return! Or Maybe Not…

I was looking at my solar return chart for my birthday this year for the nth time. The sun is in the 8th house. Yikes! Sun in 8th doesn’t have a good reputation unless you are used to transformations and the likes of it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t necessarily think that it’s going to be a challenging year but it would be nice if life is more triny or sextily, in a good sense.  Continue reading “Escape from Sun in 8th Solar Return! Or Maybe Not…”

Progressed Balsamic Phase of Tom Hanks

Third up is Tom Hanks. I should say that it’s essential or infinitely more insightful to look at the full progressed lunation cycle of a person rather than merely one portion of it. After all, the balsamic phase is just one of the 8 phases in the lunation cycle. However, due to time constraint, I’m doing a quick and dirty zooming in on the balsamic phase. Continue reading “Progressed Balsamic Phase of Tom Hanks”

Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep

I’m intrigued to see how the balsamic phase “plays out” for people. Almost inevitably, most of my clients who’s going through this phase do not enjoy it at all – they are used to doing and acting and it seems that letting go is the theme here. Those who don’t mind it as much on the other hand seems used to the hardships of life and told me that life goes on as usual for them. Continue reading “Progressed Balsamic Phase for Meryl Streep”