Do we have a Future Together?

Rosie asked if she and Hunklicious have a future together. Read More »


Will I Have Children?

I am disturbed. Ms Spiller asked whether she will have children. I looked at her natal 5th house. The cusp is Aquarius. Saturn is the traditional ruler and it is in Scorpio, a fertile sign.  Happy days! But Saturn conjuncts Pluto in the 1st house. The first thought that came to my mind is miscarriage in the body (1st house). How about Uranus as the modern co-ruler of Aquarius? Uranus conjuncts Jupiter in Sagittarius. There are opportunities and luck when it comes to children. Great stuff.Read More »

Will I Make Money Today?

The Question

Suzie runs a retail shop. She’s debating whether to go in to work today, Sunday. She will need to spend 3.5 hours in total on commuting to the shop and there’s the cost of transport to consider too.

The Advice

No. It’s advised that she stays at home as it’s unlikely that she will make money today.

Update Today, Suppertime

Suzie has chosen to ignore my advice. She had no customers today.


make money today

The Analysis

Ascendant is 4 degrees. Not too early. Moon sits on the 3rd house cusp, suggesting that she’s thinking of the commute to the store. Interestingly, south node sits on the 3rd house as well, suggesting that the routine travel to work isn’t the most beneficial for her.

Saturn is in the 1st house. It rules the 2nd and 3rd – money, and work where she works and routine travels. Saturn is not dignified so it’s malefic. Suzie’s facing some limitation in terms of money, travelling and her workplace.

Now, revenue for Suzie has to come from clients. Do we consider the ruler of the 7th and/or the 8th (client’s money). Since the money has to come from clients, surely it makes sense to look at the 7th house? Lord 7 is Mercury which is in combustion. The clients which will generate money for Suzie is being burned. They can’t be seen in the public or at the store (Mercury conjunct 10th). Also, fixed star Alycone is near the Descendant. There’s regret regarding Suzie’s clients. Things will not work out well.

Perhaps, there’s no need to look at Lord 8 given the state of the 7th. But let’s have a look anyway. Lord 8 is Moon. It is making applying aspects to Saturn in 1st, Uranus on 5th and then finally Jupiter on 11th (Lord 1). Suzie’s client monies i.e. Lord 8 is prevented from coming into contact with Suzie. There’s just too much things going on – there’s delay or difficulty relating to the client’s money, followed by an unexpected/sudden something to the money before it finally arrives in Suzie’s pockets. BUT, from the preceding paragraph, it’s clear that Suzie’s customers most probably won’t show up on her doorstep.

So, no. It’s better for Suzie to stay at home.




Burned Alive

It is really interesting. I read in an astrological chart that a person is going to be figuratively burned – consequently he can’t see (reason) and cannot be seen. He’s going through a traumatic experience. [The person’s significator is applying to combustion].

I asked the I Ching on his situation and received hexagram 56 with an emphasis on the 6th line which has the idea of burning, more specifically a bird burning its own nest. I certainly ought to find out if there’s specific mention of burning in the other hexagrams. But what’s the chances of burning being the message in both horary astrology and I Ching? 

Why Are People Cranky in the Morning?

cranky morning wake up horary

My other half “feedbacked” to me that I was cranky yesterday morning when I woke up. I defended myself by saying that it’s not just me. A lot of other people (in the whole wide world) are cranky in the morning too! I said let’s ask astrology why people are cranky in the morning. Here are the responses…

It’s just too darn early! [the ascendant is in 1 degree!].

They are not in their best form although yes, they can manage. And people want to return to bed… [Ruler of ascendant is Saturn. Saturn is 23 degrees Sagittarius in retrograde. Saturn is in its term and face. Retrograde denotes a form of returning of some sort. Return to where? To the bed obviously! I’m uncertain whether the 12th house represents sleep in general. If it does, Saturn is the significator which has been covered as part of the Ascendant ruler].

They were finishing up on their nightmares. Of course, this makes perfect sense. If you are in a nightmare, you are emotionally distressed in dreamland and you would be shaken when you wake up. Hence, the crankiness. Versus being in a dream fantasy. When you wake up, you might still linger and savour what you have experienced in that sweet dream [Moon in 14 degrees Scorpio closely conjuncting 9th house of dreams. Mars, significator of dreams is in its fall in Cancer and in combustion as well].

They know they have to go to work and it kills them, especially jobs that are soul-destroying and make them feel ill although this seems to be exaggerated in reality. People who are cranky when they wake up in the morning are probably doing it for the money and their overseas vacations (and maybe to fund their further studies which make them extra tired as those who work and study concurrently know). Caution: working purely for the sake of an income and holidays may make you feel sick and depressed. [Moon as co-significator of the human race is making an applying trine to Mars in Cancer where it is in its fall and is in the house of slavery. Mars rules the 2nd and 9th house of money, and holidays and higher education respectively. Mars representing money and holidays is in combustion though it is separating from the Sun].

So, now we know why some people are cranky when they wake up in the morning!

Why are people cranky in the morning.png



Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

Is it advisable to move overseas horary.png

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it’s a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts:

The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60].

It might be challenging to find a support network if that is important to her [ruler of ascendant is Mars, Mars is in combustion as it’s within 8.5 degree of the Sun, though separating so it’s not that bad but still in combustion nevertheless. I interpreted “cannot be seen or cannot see” when a planet is combustion to mean that others can’t see her and she can’t see others. This is fine if she’s into a solitary life who can cope with perhaps the strong feelings of a solitary life].

Whether there is someone involved in the move? She said no. I said the move might be motivated by a impending or current transformation in her profession/social status which might bring fear, insecurity or anxiety. [Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury might represent someone. Since she said no, what does Mercury mean? It rules the 8th and 10th house and she mentioned the upheavals that she’s facing at work currently].

There might have been opportunities to move overseas in the past, to a place where she has friends or is part of a social group or her dream city/country. However, she might not have capitalised on the opportunity/ies due to whatever reasons, perhaps involving delay or difficulty [Mars applies a separating square to Jupiter].

Personal finances might be an issue and she might find herself being conservative with money and her personal resources [Saturn conjunct 2nd house cusp].

Her emotions seem to be focused on her profession now. Could that be the motivation for her question, to get away from something at work? [Moon conjuncts MC].




Burned and Blinded

In horary astrology, combustion happens when the querent’s significator is within 8.5 degrees of the Sun.

Imagine with me – the big glorious Sun is there somewhere. A giant ball of fire, splurting solar flares everywhere. The heat is incredible. It’s like a furnance. Throw a roast chicken that needs cooking somewhere near the Sun and the chicken turns into ashes. The light from the Sun is immensely bright. So bright that you may be blind from looking at it directly – or that’s what my parents and teachers tell me when I was young.

Now, imagine if you or a person is very near that Sun. What happens to you? Firstly, you will suffer from 3rd degree burn and may even die from it, Secondly, you can’t see. In fact you are blinded. Equally, if and when others look you, they can’t see you too.

Fawley, an imminent horary astrologer, states that

“If this planet (in combustion) cannot see, the person it signifies cannot see reason. The querent whose significator is combust will not take any notice of the judgement. The lamentable truth of this is repeated in chart after chart.”

I tend to agree with Fawley (I know I should quote Christian Lilly but not now!). If you are suffering from 3rd degree burns and blind, would you care about what the astrologer is telling you? Your main concern is survive and stay alive!

A client’s significator was in combustion. Thank God that his significator is separating from the Sun. The worst is over for him though he’s still burned and blinded. He’s going through the pits right now and I suspect that he’s sucidal. I hope he pulls through this difficult time.