Predicting Death

When Saturn transited over a client’s Ascendant, I approached it from a psychological approach – new start in terms of the foundations of her life, etc involving her personal resources and thoughts. She pointed out to me that when Saturn first transited over her Ascendant, her husband passed away 4 days after that. Certainly, Saturn is the traditional significator of death but how could her … Continue reading Predicting Death

Predicting Death in a Family

A client told me that her cousin passed away this week. She’s actually relieved at his death as he was unwell for many years. The transit that seems “responsible” for the death is Saturn square Uranus-Jupiter which kicked in from January 2018, climaxes in July-August and ends in November 2018, depending on what orbs you use. What does Saturn rule in Betty’s chart? It rules … Continue reading Predicting Death in a Family

5th House – Mum’s Death

I realised today that the 5th house could actually represent mother’s death. I was doing a chart rectification. Solar arc directed MC opposed natal Pluto in 5th. I was thinking about transformation about matters of pleasure, children, etc. The client said that his mother passed away in a certain month. I was like Pluto certainly could depict the death and MC as the mother but … Continue reading 5th House – Mum’s Death