Is there a Gay Indicator?

A client asked yesterday whether there’s something in a chart that shows gayness. Remembering what I have read and was trained in, I told him that the answer is no. There’s no way that a birth chart could show that. I peered at his chart again. Mars in a man’s chart would represent his sexual urge. What are the planets aspecting his Mars? Continue reading “Is there a Gay Indicator?”

What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

I have always found the role of Venus and Mars in heterosexual and homosexual men and women confusing. What follows are my thoughts on the subject which is a work in progress. Amongst many things, Venus and Mars represent the femininity and the masculinity principle respectively. The key is to know: the principle a person identify herself/himself with; and the principle the person identifies for … Continue reading What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?