Winter Solstice and I Ching

Winter Solstice reminds me of Hexagram 24 in I Ching, which goes by names including “Turning Back”, “Return”. Hexagram 24 reminds us that when things reach their extreme, they have to turn back. For example, spring returns after a winter. This is the law of nature and not brought about by force. Likewise, when life is dark and tough and you have reached rock bottom, … Continue reading Winter Solstice and I Ching

Hexagram 24 – Turning Point

Earth over Wood. Earth goes down, wood stays still or moves upwards (?). The soil is over the seed that has sprouted. It’s a work in progress but the work has started. Earth generates Wood. The outside world is nourishing and feeding the inner self. The outer self/image supports the private self. One of the labels is “Turning Point”. There are five yin lines on … Continue reading Hexagram 24 – Turning Point