Advice on quitting my job

I asked the I Ching today “Is it advisable for me to quit my job to focus on hocus pocus in the grand scheme of things?” It answered with hexagram 21  “Eradicating” with a second and moving moving line. The transformed gua is hexagram 41 “Decreasing”. The initial gua “Eradicating” describes my present situation or the nature of the question which is remove, get rid … Continue reading Advice on quitting my job

To lose is to gain

Some nights ago, I was struggling with the meaning of Hexagram #41 of I Ching. It advised that to decrease or to lose something is “good”. In fact, the translated message was “Supreme good fortune”. I was mentally stuck. How can losing something ever be considered positive, never mind “Supreme good fortune”? For example, losing a wallet, losing one’s job, decreasing one’s wealth or losing … Continue reading To lose is to gain