How’s the Interview Going to be Like?

Nothing in common between the interviewer and interviewee. Interviewee hates the style of the interviewer. Interviewer can’t relate to interviewee. [Look at applying aspects between the 1st ruler and 7th ruler to see whether there’s harmony between the two. Mars and Venus – there’s no applying aspect. In fact, Mars is in its sign of fall when interacting with Venus.] The interviewer is very keen … Continue reading How’s the Interview Going to be Like?

What Will the Interview be Like?

Frodo is going for a job interview in about 5.5 hours time. He would like to know what to watch out for during the interview. There will be two interviewers – one will be his boss and the other will be his co-worker of equal rank. The chart below is set based on the time of the start of the interview. Continue reading “What Will the Interview be Like?”

Job Interview

I went for a job interview yesterday. I casted a chart for the time of the interview. Here’s it: Ascendant is 25 degrees. Fine. I’m represented by Venus in Taurus. I suppose I’m applying for an accounting job so that’s where Taurus comes in. Oh, Venus is in its own sign so I’m a strong candidate for the job. Considering other caution – Moon in … Continue reading Job Interview