Opportunities in Love

A client asked about opportunities in love. I examined Jupiter transits to the 7th ruler as there are no planets in his 7th. He did meet someone a few days before or after the perfection of the transit. I took a closer look. It wasn’t just the quincunx transit to the 7th ruler. Transiting Jupiter also squared the 5th ruler and sextiled the north node a few days i.e. one to three days to one another. Read More »


Food for Thought

Just like a seedling cannot grow into a tree in a small pot, some of us may not be able to grow into our potential in our restrictive circumstances that we consciously or unconsciously put ourselves in. – Joseph Hong

The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

Hurry, open the doors of personal growth, expansion and opportunities while the doors are still there!

From today until early Nov 2018, you might feel expansive, a sense of freedom, seek meaning of life and urged to expand into new areas of experiences into the following areas of your life:

Aries: Transformations, deep and hidden emotional self, joint/shared resources, other people’s money, intimate and bonding sex

Taurus: One-to-one relationships, marriage, partnership, legal matters, known people who oppose you

Gemini: Everyday life, health practices, service to others, daily (work) routine

Cancer: Romance, activities that allow for creative self-expression, children, anything pleasurable including recreational sex

Leo: Home, family, roots, your past, parents, private self

Virgo: Communication, thoughts, learning of key skills, place(s) where you work and live, routine travelling

Libra: Personal resources including your personal finances, talents, self-esteem, possessions

Scorpio: Your body, your appearances, your own wants, needs and desires

Sagittarius: Spirituality, me-time, growing out of any unhelpful behaviours or thought patterns, charity, care for those in need

Capricorn: Your hopes and wishes, friends, groups, groups that advance society

Aquarius: Profession, parent, your future, life path, people with authority over you

Pisces: Beliefs, philosophy in life, experiences that broaden your mental horizon e.g. studying, travelling, people from a different background to yours


What Time is it??? & Body Types

A client called yesterday and explained his situation to me. I panicked briefly. What time is it? Usually my laptop is switched on when a client calls me. But yesterday was the exception. I don’t have my watch nearby (who wears them nowadays. Oh my god! I’m going to get a pocket watch! … once I make enough money that is).

I started the computer to look at the time while the client continued to talk. Ok, the screen is up. It’s 2:18pm. We had been talking for some time since I understood his question. So, maybe the question was born at about 2:15pm or 2:16pm. I hardly think a minute would make a difference. That is until the chart was generated.

Hmmm. The questioned asked relates to his child. At 2:15pm, Jupiter would signify his son while the planet would change to Saturn at 2:16pm. Which one would it be? I suppose I have to ask him to describe his son to me. If his son is somewhat short to biggish in height, biggish in build, somewhat fleshy and soft-bodied [Jupiter is in 14 degrees Libra. Jupiter is in its term], his son would be Jupiter. If however, his son is tall and slimmish, somewhat fleshy and having a darker complexion and/or hair [Saturn is in 23 degrees Sagittarius. It is in its term and face], then Saturn is the planet.

It turned out that his son is represented by Saturn based on his description. So, the client’s question was born and delivered at 2:16pm or the last few seconds of 2:15pm.

Who would have thought that a few seconds would make such a difference? It’s fortunate that we could describe the general build of a person using astrology! Lesson learnt: keep a watch around you. Or better still, wear it.


Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

Is it advisable to move overseas horary.png

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it’s a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts:

The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60].

It might be challenging to find a support network if that is important to her [ruler of ascendant is Mars, Mars is in combustion as it’s within 8.5 degree of the Sun, though separating so it’s not that bad but still in combustion nevertheless. I interpreted “cannot be seen or cannot see” when a planet is combustion to mean that others can’t see her and she can’t see others. This is fine if she’s into a solitary life who can cope with perhaps the strong feelings of a solitary life].

Whether there is someone involved in the move? She said no. I said the move might be motivated by a impending or current transformation in her profession/social status which might bring fear, insecurity or anxiety. [Mercury conjunct Mars. Mercury might represent someone. Since she said no, what does Mercury mean? It rules the 8th and 10th house and she mentioned the upheavals that she’s facing at work currently].

There might have been opportunities to move overseas in the past, to a place where she has friends or is part of a social group or her dream city/country. However, she might not have capitalised on the opportunity/ies due to whatever reasons, perhaps involving delay or difficulty [Mars applies a separating square to Jupiter].

Personal finances might be an issue and she might find herself being conservative with money and her personal resources [Saturn conjunct 2nd house cusp].

Her emotions seem to be focused on her profession now. Could that be the motivation for her question, to get away from something at work? [Moon conjuncts MC].




I’m Always Late!

It just occurred to me that people who are late might have a Jupiter – Saturn aspect in their natal chart, just like me. Saturn = time while Jupiter = expansion and optimism. I almost always underestimate the time required to do something. For instance, getting to town usually takes 1.5 hours realistically. But I would tell myself that “Sure, the traffic is great! I can do it in just an hour.” Guess what? I was horribly late for my appointments in town for the nth time.

That’s interesting as well. Given that Saturn is exalted and Jupiter is in peregrine. I would have expected Saturn to have more dignity compared to Jupiter and therefore be the one that’s exerting pressure over Jupiter. But it seems that it works the other way too – Jupiter expands the boundaries of time as signified by Saturn.

Having said that, there was a client who arrived 30 minutes earlier for her appointment with me. And she has a Jupiter – Saturn conjunction where both planets are in Capricorn. Hmmm, maybe it’s just me. I’m looking for an excuse for my tardiness!