Opportunities in Love

A client asked about opportunities in love. I examined Jupiter transits to the 7th ruler as there are no planets in his 7th. He did meet someone a few days before or after the perfection of the transit. I took a closer look. It wasn't just the quincunx transit to the 7th ruler. Transiting Jupiter … Continue reading Opportunities in Love


Jupiter Returns

Jupiter represents growth, expansion, freedom, opportunities, self-development, long term plans and aspirations, etc. Transiting Jupiter conjuncts natal Jupiter i.e. Jupiter return about every 12 years. That means there's a double dosage, a double whammy of Jupiter during such a time. Indeed, there's often a growth surge during Jupiter return at about 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, … Continue reading Jupiter Returns

Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

Question: My partner and I are members of a sports club in Dublin. Is the sports club going to win at the GALAs this year? Response: Unfortunately it seems no. Tarot 7 cups. Confusion. Lots of great nominees to choose from. I Ching Hexagram 21, Biting through. The text of hexagram 21 is ambigous "Eradicating. … Continue reading Is The Sports Club Going to Win?

The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

Hurry, open the doors of personal growth, expansion and opportunities while the doors are still there! From today until early Nov 2018, you might feel expansive, a sense of freedom, seek meaning of life and urged to expand into new areas of experiences into the following areas of your life: Aries: Transformations, deep and hidden … Continue reading The Doors of Opportunities Are Opening!

Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

A client is toying with the idea of moving overseas and asked if it's a good idea to do so. I provided her with some thoughts: The move might have been better done and suited to her when she is younger [late ascendant and client is in her late 50s, nearly 60]. It might be … Continue reading Is It Advisable to Move Overseas?

I’m Always Late!

It just occurred to me that people who are late might have a Jupiter - Saturn aspect in their natal chart, just like me. Saturn = time while Jupiter = expansion and optimism. I almost always underestimate the time required to do something. For instance, getting to town usually takes 1.5 hours realistically. But I … Continue reading I’m Always Late!