The Perfect Love

Perfect relationships are rare, if they exist at all. If you are in a perfect relationship, I want to hear from you! There will be parts of a relationship that are testing for both of you. How you handle those potential sources of conflicts, misunderstanding, disagreement or tension has a bearing on the “success” of a relationship.

Those testing aspects are tests of patience and understanding and provides you with an opportunity to come to agreement or find a basis of working together. These aspects of a relationship can be a means of improving and strengthening your character and bringing out the latent capabilities in you. 

Long live the imperfect relationship!

NOTE: The above description does not apply to abusive relationships or those that are unhealthy or detrimental to one or both persons.



Pluto-Venus Transit

Note: This post focuses on relationships.

Pluto uncovers what is buried. Venus represents love, relationship, aesthetic taste or even art, among many other significators (e.g. female characters, beauty, beauty things). So a Pluto-Venus transit may uncover what has been buried in a relationship, especially any sources of unhappiness that relates to the relationship.Read More »

Shall I Break Up With Her?

Senor Patisserie said that he’s thinking of breaking up with his girlfriend, Madame Avoca. He doesn’t know where this relationship is heading to and because of his previous divorce, he’s shy of relationships. [he has a Venus-Saturn aspect natally which can translate into a desire for definition and clarity in a relationship a.k.a. he wants to know definitively whether they will live happily ever after. If not, he wants to cut the losses now. The aspect could also translate to a fear of love/relationships because of past experiences]. Read More »

Does She Love Me?

Someone asked “Does she love me? I proposed to her recently but she has not been responsive to me or seems to be avoiding me. What are her feelings for me?” That was 7:55pm when I understood his question. He went on to explain his situation in greater detail and it was 7:58pm when he ended. I doubt 3 minutes would have made a difference but my intuition said to go with 7:55pm.

Oh blimey! The Sun sets at 7:56pm on that day actually and would therefore affect receptions by triplicity if I had gone with 7:58pm. Here’s the chart:

love marriage horary

(Ignore Chiron in the chart. It’s not used). Based on the above chart, here’s my response to the poor man:


Traditional astrology describes your girlfriend as being likened to “a person who is raised up to sit besides the king”. In modern day parlance, I think there’s a rise of social status and consequently an increase in her social importance or power by virtue of her relationship with you.

There’s no one else in the picture. She is clearly only in a relationship with you. You mentioned that she hasn’t been very responsive to you as of late. It may have to do with an unexpective and disruptive event in her life which might relate to her wages, friends and groups or her wishes in life. Based on astrology, she will marry you albeit with some delay and/or some difficulty after your initial proposal. You may have to prompt her again and/or wait for her to respond to you.

Her Feelings Towards You

There are 3 dimensions to a person: the head/mind, heart/feelings and body/sexual urges. Her “feelings” towards you are described based on these elements where present:

Her sexual self is overly turned on by your emotions for now. There is also something about your mind that intrigues her sense of sensuality.  In addition, there’s an evolution of her feelings towards you.

In the past, her love seems to be based on a slight sexual attraction to you. She might also have found it extremely difficult to adjust to the way you think and operate and consequently have negative feelings towards the mental side of you.

Recently, her feelings for you has transmuted to a love for the feeling side of you. Consequently, she finds it easy to connect to you emotionally. In addition, she has started to worship your mental faculties and probably communicative ones too for now.

Update on 29 Jun 2017
Mars is getting in the way of Mercury, Lord 7 to meet Jupiter, Lord 1. What does Mars signify? The querent didn’t provide me with further information. Mars rules the radical 4th and 12th houses. So, something about home/family and imprisonment of some sort may be involved. But given that it’s Lord 7 that’s applying to Mars, let’s look at it from the woman’s perspective. Mars rules the turned 5th, 6th and 10th. So, something about children, work, illness and/or profession/marriage is involved. But the good news is, Mars is in its fall in Cancer. Lord 7 is peregrine – drifting around. Maybe she’s undecided about the marriage? But Lord 7 seems stronger than Mars. So, the woman can overcome the obstacle. But does she want to? Yes, she’s crazy over him (Mercury is in exaltation of Jupiter, Lord 1).

What does the above mean? It’s likely that the woman is feeling uncertain about marriage. She has overcome her personal hurdle which she should be able to, to meet with her beau.

When is this likely to happen? Lord 7 is in Cancer, a cardinal sign. So she’s likely to act fast. But it’s in an angular house which makes it slow with the capability to act faster though. So, When is the woman going to say a final yes to her beau? It’s either within 13 days or 13 months time, or earlier depending on the woman.


Trusting that you are loved for who you are

There is something very alluring in what I read just now:

The individual (with a Venus-Pluto aspect) needs to trust that another person will really love them – and all of them, not just their beauty, their sex-appeal, their power or their money. The lesson for the type is often to learn to risk giving the other person enough space to find out if they really do care, enough space to discover if they will hang around even if they don’t have to.

Tompkins from Aspects in Astrology

For those where the above quote is speaking to you, the author is not wrong – one has to “learn to risk” to love, without this compulsive need to control (the outcome). To learn to let go of the need to manipulate or compulsively desire that somebody. It is what the quote by Gibran says “If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours.If they don’t, they never were.”