Elections – Moon applying to opposition Sun

Avoid where possible. I posted a Facebook post when the Moon is applying to a opposition Sun. Actually, it was a lunar eclipse. Despite the Moon conjuncting North Node, the post was a failure. The Moon being dignified in its sign of Cancer didn’t help much. Actually, using whole sign houses, the election would have been a no-no. There’s Saturn in Capricorn and the election … Continue reading Elections – Moon applying to opposition Sun

Reflection on January’s Lunar Eclipse

I wasn’t expecting January 2018’s lunar eclipse to have a significant effect on me. After all, there were no conjunctions to any natal planets and only an opposition that’s 4 degrees away from my natal Moon in 9th. Continue reading “Reflection on January’s Lunar Eclipse”

Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon

The last 2 days had been horrendous. I felt horrendous. Those horrible feelings descended on me just like that. Without warning or whatsoever. The astrologer in me reasoned that it has to do with the planets above me. Come to think of it. It seems that we are mere puppets of the universe with little free will. Yikes. My free will in this instance was … Continue reading Horrendous Days / Full Moon on Natal Moon