A Time for Everything

I read John Frawley’s article on electional astrology many Moons ago. Electional astrology is the magical art of choosing a time to do something to produce an outcome desired by you. For example, couples can come to me and ask for the best date and time for their wedding that promises marital bliss, children and etc. Continue reading “A Time for Everything”

Astrology is Divine

It finally dawned on me that regardless of the label that an astrologer tags himself with i.e. astrologer, counselling astrologer, counsellor (!), spiritual guide, etc, what he does is rather divine. Merriam Webster defines divine as “of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God”. And yes, your own version of “God”, not necessarily the biblical God. Continue reading “Astrology is Divine”

What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

I have always found the role of Venus and Mars in heterosexual and homosexual men and women confusing. What follows are my thoughts on the subject which is a work in progress. Amongst many things, Venus and Mars represent the femininity and the masculinity principle respectively. The key is to know: the principle a person identify herself/himself with; and the principle the person identifies for … Continue reading What do Venus & Mars Represent in Straight/LBGT Charts?

Surgeries and Mars

Oh blimey! I just recalled today that Mars is a significator for surgeries. I have a client who’s a doctor and is starting her new job which involves surgeries! One of the main transits that she will be going through is transiting Chiron aspecting natal Mars. Chiron can represent healing. In the 7th house, it could represent represent her clients or patients. Mars is in … Continue reading Surgeries and Mars