Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde happens quite a few times a year. For most of us, it should be business as usual unless the degree of the station is near one of your sensitive planets or angles. For example, Mercury was station retrograde on 27 September 2021, Monday at 25 degrees 28.2 minutes in Libra. Two days before on 25 September, Saturday, I nearly knocked over a cyclist … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde

First Foray into Consultation Charts

This is my first foray into a consultation chart based on Wanda Sellar’s The Consultation Chart. I looked at the chart below. Noted the Gemini Ascendant and the chart ruler is smacked on the 7th. I scratched my head. The client said that he didn’t have any specific questions or areas that he would like to explore. He would like something general. Hmmm, I reiterated … Continue reading First Foray into Consultation Charts

Blame It All on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde can be so handy sometimes. If and when anything goes wrong, just attribute it to dear old young Mercury. He/she’s (he’s gender neutral after all) retrograding. That’s why we may misunderstand each other, messages get lost, important contracts contain the incorrect clauses, etc. Let’s look at the key communication blunders that I have experienced so far: 1. I had to call a local … Continue reading Blame It All on Mercury Retrograde