I’m Quiet Because Astrology Says So

I was flipping through Christian Astrology, a book by William Lilly, a renaissance astrologer on body parts and sex when I re-read the mute signs – in astrology, at least traditional astrology, some zodiac signs are considered ‘mute’ aka quiet or speaks slowly – the water signs which are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. So, if your Mercury is in any of these signs – you … Continue reading I’m Quiet Because Astrology Says So

Mercury Conjunct Jupiter and Saturn

Mr Marvel’s natal Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct. Transiting Mercury, his chart ruler, conjunct the two social planets. A few hours before and after the perfection of the aspect, he was involved in extensive communication at work, which is rather unusual for him. Interestingly, the two social planets are in his 4th house. Two of his conversations were certainly held in a private place while … Continue reading Mercury Conjunct Jupiter and Saturn

Mercury Squares Saturn Synastry

Overall: There’s cautiousness in communication or thoughts. Sense of material security, safety and conservatism may colour thoughts and learning style. At its worst, there could be a fear or blockage when it comes to connecting mentally with each other. Like a headmaster and a student. One on one: Saturn has a stronger effect on Mercury than the other way around. Mercury might feel that his … Continue reading Mercury Squares Saturn Synastry


A client said that she should have light conversations. I was mulling over her words when it struck me that she has a Mercury conjunct Saturn natally. That explains it! I have associated Mercury-Pluto or Pluto in the 3rd house as “heavy, intense” conversations. It has never occurred to me that Mercury-Saturn can refer to a tendency for heavy conversations too! Or maybe not heavy … Continue reading Mercury-Saturn